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High Noon Highlights: Ranking Our Opponents

Yeah, OU is still looking down from atop the mountain.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s High Noon Highlights, we rank our opponents from weakest to toughest, dive into a possible Ole Miss transfer situation, vote for Jawun Evans and Vanessa Shippy and then I’ll show you a video that may kill you.

Let’s get to it.

Taking a Look at the Schedule

The Tulsa World took a crack at ranking our football schedule from weakest competitor to toughest. Our buddy @BP_State gave his two cents as well. Let’s take a look and then I’ll give my list afterwards.

Tulsa World

  1. South Alabama
  2. Kansas
  3. Texas Tech
  4. Tulsa
  5. Iowa State
  6. Baylor
  7. West Virginia
  8. Kansas State
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. TCU
  11. Texas
  12. OU

I think me and @BP_State are more on the same page. Pitt lost a starting QB and a star running back from last year, so I’m not seeing why they are as high as #9 on TW’s list. I also think Texas is still a year away from battling with OU as the top dog in the Big 12. I’m very high on WVU and Kansas State, and lower on TCU than most.

My list:

  1. South Alabama
  2. Kansas
  3. Tulsa
  4. Texas Tech
  5. Iowa State
  6. Pitt
  7. TCU
  8. Baylor
  9. Texas
  10. Kansas State
  11. West Virginia
  12. OU

What do you think? What’s your list? Let us know in the comment section!

Should Ole Miss Consider Letting Players Leave Penalty-Free? Would Oklahoma State be Interested in Any Transfers?

Dan Wetzel from Yahoo Sports wrote a piece about Ole Miss doing right by it’s players. Check out the full piece here. He talks about how Ole Miss should work with the NCAA to allow any player from the ‘16 and ‘17 class transfer from the university without penalty if they choose that they want out of a sticky situation. If this happens, would Oklahoma State be in the market for an Ole Miss transfer? Remember, they targeted and landed D.Q. Osborne from Baylor after the sexual assault scandal before the 2016 season.

Without being “in the know”, it’s hard to determine who Oklahoma State is interested in, but based off 247Sports, Oklahoma State offered a few players who ended up going to Ole Miss in the 2016 class. None in the 2017 class, which is kind of strange.

Shea Patterson - 5 star. #1 QB prospect in the class. Bradenton, FL.

Obviously Mike Gundy would love to get his hands on one of the most promising QB’s in college football, but it doesn’t look like Patterson is going anywhere.

D’Vaughn Pennamon - 4 star. #6 All-Purpose Back in the class. Manvel, TX.

Pennamon played in 9 games as a true freshman for the Rebels last season, but only accrued 20 carries. Now that Akeem Judd has moved on, would Pennamon receive more carries, or would the slack be picked up by seniors Eugene Brazley and Jordan Wilkins? The Cowboys have an immediate need for a runningback behind Justice Hill, and Pennamon may deserve a look from Mike Gundy if he is testing the waters.

Greg Little - 5 star. #1 Offensive Tackle in the class. Allen, TX.

Little is already the leader of the Rebel offensive line, and a clear future pro. He has a spot on any team in the nation, but he is likely staying put. I’m starting to wonder how Ole Miss (OLE MISS?!?!?!) is getting these top rated recruits. hmmmm. **thinking emoji**

Deontay Anderson - 4 star. # 2 safety in the class. Manvel, TX.

Anderson played in all 12 games for the Rebels and recorded 32 total tackles and an interception. You can never have too many defensive backs in the Big 12, especially if they are as talented as Anderson. You can bet that he would be hearing from Coach Gundy if he decides to part ways with Ole Miss.

All of this speculation all depends on how Ole Miss and the NCAA decide to move forward, and it’s likely that they don’t let any players leave without penalty. We can always hope.

By the way, can you imagine pulling in the #1 position players in classes and still going 5-7 during the season?!?! hahahahaha!

Big 12 Athletes of the Year

Today is the last day to vote for the Big 12 Athlete of the Year (Male and Female). Representing Oklahoma State is Jawun Evans and Vanessa Shippy.

Evans averaged 19.2 PPG, 6.4 AST, 1.8 STL and 3.4 REB in his last campaign as a Cowboy. He was drafted by Philadelphia with the 39th pick in the draft, but was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. He just inked a three-year deal with the Clippers with two years gauranteed.

Vanessa Shippy’s junior year was incredible. She led the Cowgirls in batting average (.398), slugging percentage (.613), hits (72), runs batted in (46), doubles (16), triples (4) and total bases (111) ... Finished second on the team in on-base percentage (.517), runs scored (48), walks (47) and stolen bases (11). Atta girl Shippy!


Bonus: Mascot Mania

Have you ever seen something so awkward that you wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out? If not, watch the video below:

Go Pokes!