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High Noon Highlights: NFL Edition

Let’s check in on some of our old friends!

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Checking in on our Pro Pokes

With the NFL training camps ramping up, there are plenty of stories about some familiar faces that we can talk about.

Eagles first-round draft pick, Derek Barnett, matched up against left tackle Victor Salako.

“You’re too wide,” defensive line coach Chris Wilson yelled after a Barnett rush against undrafted rookie tackle Victor Salako. Barnett rushed off the edge from a four-point stance and faked an outside move before using his left arm to swim inside. Salako blocked him to the ground. “You’re afraid of confrontation,” Wilson continued. On his next rush, Barnett went right at the 6-foot-6, 335-pound tackle with a bull rush. He pushed Salako back, but only so far.

We all knew Victor Salako could hold his own at the next level, but it’s always great to hear that he’s punking first round draft picks. The undrafted left tackle may be flying under the radar with the Philadelphia media, but you can bet that Doug Pederson and his staff has taken note of Salako’s abilities. He’ll be a name to watch during the NFL preseason.

Clyde Simmons, the new defensive line coach with the Cleveland Browns, mentioned that he didn’t watch much of Emmanuel Ogbah before joining the team, but he has since watched his film. This is what he had to say about Ogbah:

“He’s a classic left end to me, and uh, I think he’s going to be pretty good for us. He’s learning to put his hand back in the dirt instead of standing up as a linebacker. Getting back to his home stuff, what he did in college, I think it’s nothing but upside for him.”

For all of the Browns’ recent struggles, it seems that they may have an identity moving forward. The Browns took Myles Garrett out of Texas A&M with the first pick in the draft, and it looks like the defensive line is what Cleveland wants to build around moving forward. Win the trenches, win the game.

There are sooooooo many good quotes in here from former Oklahoma State star, Dez Bryant. Read the article, because it’s great.

Bryant also talked about his love for the organization even though he was tardy for physicals last Friday. Bryant said he and the organization have “handled it.”

“Man, this organization knows what’s up with me,” Bryant said. “They know I love this football team. Me, personally, I feel like nobody reps the star as hard as me. That’s not a shot at anybody. That’s just how I feel. I love the star, always loved it. I love the fans and I put my all out there.”

Dallas Cowboy fans have to love that. I feel like Dez is in for a really big season. Fantasy football owners, take note.

LOOK AT THOSE FEET! My goodness. I know a lot of Oklahoma State fans are probably out on claiming Tyreek as a true Cowboy, but I think it’s okay to root for the guy whether you consider him a Cowboy or not. I mean, he is part of one of the most exciting moments in Oklahoma State football history.

Michael Hunter is turning heads in New York. He played two games for the Giants last season and recorded four total tackles. Could he be in line to see more time on the field this upcoming season?

“I will tell you who has had a good offseason is Michael Hunter,” Spagnuolo said. “He has done a really nice job. He has had to jump in there a couple of times, because you know that Eli (Apple) has that illness right now, so (Apple) is not in there. And if you have watched enough practice … Mike has really stood out. I give him a lot of credit.”

Let’s hope that Mike keeps impressing during training camp.

Expect a lot more stories to come up as training camp and pre-season progress.

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