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High Noon Highlights

In Thursday’s High Noon Highlights, we talk debates, a trademark fight and a documentary

Pitt v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

While this post was Austin’s brain child, his intent was to write the first couple and show what he wanted, and then have other writers take it over. Today, you’re stuck with me, I’ll try to do it justice. And with that let’s get to it.

Around the Horn Debate

On Wednesday’s Around the Horn, the panel discussed whether Oklahoma was considered Southwest or Midwest. Oklahoma State got a shout out from Woody Paige.

“Have you ever heard of Oklahoma State? They’re the Cowboys, there were no Cowboys in the Midwest.”

Paige is right, but Wyoming’s mascot is also the Cowboys and they’re not considered part of the Southwest... Thanks for the mention though Woody!

Being from Texas myself, I consider Oklahoma Southwest, but it really depends on what part of Oklahoma you’re talking about. What do you think? let us know in the comment section.

Oklahoma State to appeal Ohio State’s trademark application

Oklahoma State, Ohio State and Oregon State have all been using the acronym OSU for years. But in February, Ohio State decided they wanted to be only ones that could. They filed for apparel rights with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Oklahoma State and Oregon State already have a deal where Oklahoma State can only use the “OS” logo on baseball hats. This is the logo I’m talking about:

Oklahoma State is now planning for an opposition to the application in August. The current trademarks for the respective schools are on a state-by-state basis. With each school having their own areas. The current argument is based on apparel. Ohio State wants the exclusive rights to use OSU on t-shirts and things like that. Should the opposition not win and they get their way, this logo most likely would go away on polos and other apparel (at least in certain states):

Eddie Sutton Documentary Starting Production

After months of campaigning for funds on the site IndieGoGo, the documentary on legendary men’s basketball coach Eddie Sutton has the funds to start production. The post below thanks fans for their support for getting this film going. They’re working with the title "Eddie" and that’s likely to remain the title.

I interviewed these guys for an O’Colly Story in May and they’re great folks (here’s a link to that). The film will give a deep look at the life of Eddie Sutton. From the great teams he had, to the scandals he faced, it will give viewers a side of Sutton they may have never seen before. The start of production will allow the filmmakers to do more interviews and get this film ready. When I talked to them in May, they were shooting for a late 2018 release and were working on where the film would be screened. Maybe a premier in Stillwater could happen?