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High Noon Highlights: Don’t Forget About Dillon Stoner

Let’s talk Dillon Stoner, pressure on the State defense and why OSU should be considered “Grad Transfer U”.

Amarillo Globe-News

It’s High Noon.

Oklahoma State’s Forgotten Receiver

Oklahoma State has the deepest wide receiver corp in the Big 12, and probably the nation. It’s easy to point out guys on the Biletnikoff Award watch list like James Washington and Jalen McCleskey, or newcomers Tyron Johnson and Oklahoma State’s most highly touted recruit in years, Tylan Wallace, or even the guys that have been around the program for a few years like Marcell Ateman and Chris Lacy. Meanwhile, Dillon Stoner is working to get over last season’s ankle injury, and back on to the minds of Oklahoma State fans.

There may not have been a freshman that OSU fans were more excited about in the beginning of last season than Dillon Stoner. He only had five receptions for 27 yards before being sidelined for the season with an ankle injury, but it wasn’t Stoner’s stats that made everyone so optimistic, it was the trust that the coaches put on the young freshman.

As well as lining up in the slot, Stoner (in a lessened role) took over the spot that JW Walsh held the season before, running the wildcat formation. It has been an important redzone wrinkle in the Oklahoma State offense for the past few years, and it looked like Stoner was next in line to run the formation. He even threw a touchdown pass in the infamous CMU game. After Stoner went down, Mike Yurcich pocketed the wildcat formation for the season (which I actually think was really good for Mason’s development).

“Dillon's got the right mindset,” Dunn said. “He's so focused. It's hard to make him smile, he's so focused.”

“A fourth-down situation, in the score zone, and we gave this kid — a true freshman — an opportunity to make a play,” Dunn said. “And a read play of all things, not just catch it and run it in. The second play of his career.

“That's how much trust we have in the kid. He's going to play a ton.”

This offense is going to be so much fun!!!!!!! It’ll be exciting to see a healthy Dillon Stoner back in BPS on August 31st.

Pressure is Still High for Oklahoma State Defense

Perception: The pressure is off the Oklahoma State defense. The Oklahoma State offense is about to break records and average 50 points and free the Cowboys’ D to simply hold the other team under 45 and everything will be rosy.

Reality: Let OSU defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer tell you: “I’m not sitting back here going, ‘Oh, boy, this is gonna be great, gonna be easy.’ No. Because I’m evaluated whether we’re scoring 50 or whether we’re scoring 14. How effective am I each time I go out there?”

This is so true. This is a playoff or bust year for us. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams all need to be ready for it.

We all know the OSU offense is going to be successful, but I bet my life there will be that one game - that one game where Mason is sailing every 6-8 yard pass, the offensive line is dogging it, and/or Justice Hill runs out of gas early. In that one game, the defense is going to need to play like one of Bill Belichick’s Patriot defenses to win that game.

This isn’t the year for the defense to be lackadaisical, this is the year we make The Playoffs, and I trust Glenn Spencer’s group will be ready.

Grad Transfer U

Nice job by Phillip from PFB here. Oklahoma State has a had a ton of success from using the Grad Transfer rule.

Grad transfers are a new norm, especially at Oklahoma State, and one players are proud to be a part of.

“I like what they got going on down there, you know sometimes in that specific areas and positions that they might be weak at, they always are looking to upgrade with a fifth-year transfer and I’m just glad to be one of them, an example they can tell recruits about,” says Furman.

Aaron Cochran and Adrian Baker are next in line to show why Oklahoma State should be known as “Grad Transfer U”.