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Mason Rudolph’s Jet Ski Pass goes viral

The Oklahoma State QB’s lake-side accuracy is off the charts

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this summer, a video of Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph throwing a football to a receiver hanging off the back of a jet ski surfaced on Twitter.

The triple-pass, with Rudolph’s younger brother Logan (a freshman defensive end at Clemson) throwing to Mason from an inflatable trampoline, has since been featured on national media outlets such as SportsCenter, Bleacher Report and USA Today.

ESPN’s ScoreCenter app even sent out a push notification with the video embedded to anyone with college football notifications turned on.

Many college QB’s have since tried to imitate the Rudolph brothers’ Jet Ski Pass, posting their own videos on social media.

Monday morning, SportsCenter’s Instagram account posted a video asking fans “Which College Football QB Did It Best?”, between Rudolph, Georgia QB Jacob Eason and USC QB Sam Darnold.

The overwhelming favorite:

OSU’s QB1 is no stranger to Jet Ski Passes. Last summer, Rudolph posted a similar video of himself throwing a bomb to a jet ski. In the original video however, the actual driver of the jet ski was the recipient of the pass.

If this is what it takes for Rudolph to gain national attention (helping his possible Heisman campaign), then hey, get this man more jet ski receivers.