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Oklahoma State The Favorite to Land a Top JUCO Prospect

It all comes down to his brother.

As Oklahoma State continues to work on it’s 2018 class, the Cowboys look like the favorites to land one of the best junior college players in the country.

Tayland Humphrey

Tayland Humphrey out of Hutchinson C.C. in Hutchinson, Kansas, is the nation's fourth-best junior college player and the second-best junior college defensive tackle. As of now, 247Sports have OSU as the favorites to land him.

The big reason for this is his brother, 2018 offensive guard prospect John Bolding III.

Back in June, Tayland tweeted out that he wants to play college football with his brother.

As of now only two FBS schools have offered John Bolding; Oklahoma State and FIU. 247Sports currently has OSU as the favorites to land Bolding.

With Tayland’s desire to play with his brother, and OSU as John’s best offer, it’s easy to understand why OSU is the favorite to land the brothers.

Who the other team in Tayland’s “Top 2” is, is up for debate. 247Sports prognosticators predict Arkansas, while writer Brian Perroni believes it’s Texas A&M. Based on Tayland’s tweet, you have to think FIU is in the mix considering it’s the only other D1 program to offer his brother John. Plus, John has kept the offer from the Panthers pinned to the top of his Twitter feed.

There’s no way to know for sure where the brothers will land, but as of now, OSU looks like it’s in a good position to get them both. Landing Tayland would be HUGE for Oklahoma State. From the looks of his highlights, adding John to the roster wouldn’t be a bad thing either.