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Trevor Matich names Oklahoma State as Title Contenders

The Cowboys are on the hunt for a national title according the ESPN analyst.

Valero Alamo Bowl - Oklahoma State v Colorado Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

This morning on Sportscenter, Trevor Matich and Matt Barrie were discussing probably CFP Title Contenders. One name that came up was Oklahoma State. Trevor Matich raved about the upcoming season Cowboys, saying they are a team with a chance to win the National Title.

Matich talked about the offense of the Cowboys, calling it "unstoppable." He even complimented the defense, saying with the disruptive defensive line they will create opportunities for that offense.

Here is the video:

As a Oklahoma State fan, this is great news to hear that the national media is starting to believe in the Cowboys. There is reason to be excited about this season. With an NFL-caliber QB and No. 1 Wide Receiver, 1000 rusher, half a dozen other wide receivers to add depth and an opportunistic defense, this could be a very fun year.