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Roundtable: Let’s Do Some Uni-talk!

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Colorado Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves to talk about some good uniforms so we’ll take a look at some of our favorites, what we want to see, and other uniforms that have caught our eyes.

What was your favorite combo from the past several years? Which helmet logo would you like to see more of?

Tyler Wiederhoeft: You don't have to go too far back to find my favorite. To me, it's all about the helmet. I really enjoyed the Homecoming combo from 2014, because I loved the retro look of the 1945 throwback helmet paired with the crisp orange jersey and white pants. I'd like to see that one a couple more times. If I had to guess, I would say the sheriff's badge will get featured much more prominently this season. OSU seems to be pushing that as a logo in anything graphic-related, so I'm guessing they will use that as another "brand" of sorts.

Micah Allen: My favorite uniform combo is always the icy whites. They always look super clean. As far as a helmet I really like the helmets with the cowboy on the back of the horse and the stripe going down the top.

Brodie Smith: I am a fan of a blend of modern and classic. Several years ago, the Pokes wore old school white helmets with a cowboy riding a bronco. I love that helmet and only wish the logo was a little larger. That dome paired with the orange tops and white pants were pretty much the height for me. Though that game against WVU didn't turn out well, I loved how the orange and white popped on the green turf.

Joel Penfield: My favorite that I've seen was last worn against K-State in 2015. It was the Shadow Pete on a white helmet, black jersey, white pants. With the new threads, this could be a really clean look.

Gallagher Martin: We've been blessed with some amazing uniforms the past several years. Ones that have stood out to me include 2012 all gray unis against West Virginia, the icy white ones against Texas Tech in 2015 and last year's all black ones against Texas Tech. I'm a really big fan of the badge helmet we wore against Tech and in Bedlam last year.

Jeremy Kolok: My favorite OSU uni combo of all time is the white helmet with black OSU logo, black jerseys and white pants as worn in 2013 when OSU knocked off Baylor on National TV. The helmet I'd love to see more of is the paisley pattern worn against OU and in the Alamo Bowl. Those are dope.

Colin Price: I think that the combo worn in the Alamo Bowl might be my favorite all time. It’s just so clean and whole. The three-color just came together so neatly that I’d love to see more like it. As for helmets I’d love to see more of, I think the white one with the chrome OSU logo is completely underrated and deserved more time.

You get to design a new helmet for a game this year. What helmet will you make and what game are you using it in?

Tyler: I didn't choose graphic design as a major for a reason. Ummmmmm...I'll the sheriff's badge in white with two six-shooters on the back centered and the back bumper reading "pistols firing". As for the game to use it in, I'll say TCU. The first home conference game would be a good time to break out a new helmet, although the trend has been to unveil new ones for Bedlam. I think an black jersey and the gunmetal gray pants would complement the revolvers well.

Micah: I'd do a total throwback uniform for the Tulsa game. I'd want the helmet to have the look of the helmets from back in the day. And then make it look like there's an OSU logo branded into it. (I'm not sure if this looks cooler in my head than it actually would but we're gonna go with it). Then, I'd pair it with a old-school looking orange top and black or white pants combo.

Brodie: I am not much of a designer. I like to keep school colors prominent, though I don't know that I've seen too many orange helmets I actually like. So, it's going to be a black or white base for me. I'd also consider some sort of pistols logo but guns on the side of your head seems silly. So, I'm going to settle on a flat white helmets with a paisley brand and matching center stripe. Break them out against Baylor or in Bedlam.

Joel: I'm not really creative, so this is pretty tough. But I like the chrome Pete used on the white helmet would look really nice on a matte black helmet. I would pair that with the orange jersey and black pants. That's a Bedlam uni right there, an updated version of the 2011 combo.

Gallagher: I'm not exactly the creative type but maybe an orange version of the sheriff's helmet? I'd wait to wear it until we play Kansas so people associate it with a win.

Jeremy: If I could create my own helmet, I'd make the black paisley helmet but with just the classic orange OSU logo rather than the sheriff's badge logo. I'd use them in Bedlam at home with black jersey and black pants.

Colin: I want to see nothing more than an Oklahoma pride helmet. Something with the state outline or shield on it in orange and black. Black base, orange/black logo, orange facemask. Pair that with a black jersey and orange pants and use them against Kansas State.

What is your favorite Non-OSU uniform and what do you like about it?

Tyler: This probably seems biased, but I love the Minnesota Golden Gophers' jerseys. Not just the color scheme, but all the subtle details. The helmet stripe says "Ski-U-Mah" which is essentially a battle cry for the Minnesota faithful. The back bumper says "Brick by Brick" which was started by former head coach Jerry Kill. It references the seven "bricks" that Minnesota uses in the foundation of its team. For more information, visit the U of M's site. The font is very brick-like, as is the Minnesota "M". Minnesota is able to avoid the "mustard yellow" with their uniforms, but also stays away from the neon yellow Baylor and Oregon love to use. Solid all-around uniforms.

Micah: I really like LSU's white top gold bottoms, with the gold helmet with the tiger. The look super classy and there's a lot of awesome detail on the tiger on the helmet.

Brodie: This is such a tough one for me. I like when things look good, and I prefer a subtle, classic look. Several Big Ten schools pull off a two-color uniform, and I'm not sure anyone does it better than Penn State. With very little variation in decades, the Nittany Lions check all the boxes on my list and continue to roll with a traditional set of threads. The limited color scheme makes it much easier for the equipment personnel as well. Others I like: Florida (at times), Washington State (minus the logo), and Colorado. Opposite end of the spectrum (worst): Syracuse, Miami, Wyoming, Texas, Kansas.

Joel: I like UNC's black and powder blue combos. It's not flashy and looks solid. Oregon will put some nice stuff out every now and then, but someone it is just too much. UNC does a nice job with theirs.

Gallagher: I think Boise State has consistently put out fire uniforms and this upcoming season is no exception

Jeremy: My favorite non-OSU uniform is Notre Dame by far. The glossy gold helmets with the navy uniforms are perfect.

Colin: These Navy uniforms are a work of beauty to me. They’re clean, crisp, and are just the right balance of simple and layered. The matte white and blue on the helmet joined by a stripe of gold chrome paired wonderfully with their traditional looking navy and white combo. Just lovely.