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High Noon Highlights: Rickie Fowler, Ramon Richards, Chris Carson and more.

Get caught up from a busy weekend.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rickie Comes Up Short:

This weekend was the final major of the season on the PGA Tour. Rickie Fowler had a good week, but as is the norm, was not able to get over the hill and win. Fowler had a good round on Thursday, knocking down six birdies, but a triple bogey and a bogey left him two shots back. He shot -2 going into the Green Mile Saturday, but one of the toughest stretches in golf left him disappointed, as he ended up with a +4 in the final three holes and two-over on the round.

He brought it Sunday, but the triple bogey and, more importantly, the +4 on the Green Mile proved to be too tough for him to win the tournament. He shot a four-under 67 on Sunday, including four straight birdies on the back nine. He headed into the clubhouse as the leader at -5, but it wouldn't hold.

Fowler's Spring Break buddy Justin Thomas held on to win the tournament. Fowler was one of the first people to congratulate him.

Thomas also had a lucky break, as he saved a stroke thanks to the golf gods.

Congrats to JT.

Chris Carson Goes Beast Mode on Chargers:

There have been reports coming out of the Seahawks' camp that Chris Carson had been impressing Pete Carroll. He helped his cause Sunday night in his first preseason game against the Chargers. Carson had seven rushes for 19 yards and two touchdowns from the 1-yard line. The big, bruising running back is making a case for being the goal-line back for Seattle when the season opens.

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If Carson keeps impressing like this, there's no reason he shouldn't be on the 53-man roster come September.

Ramon Richards in the News:

Both major publications in Oklahoma released features on Cowboy senior safety Ramon Richards.

The Oklahoman's Scott Wright talked about Richards finding peace among the chaos and mayhem of the life that is college football.

Essentially, Richards has found a place within himself where he can go to block out the chaos, whether it's the noise of a pregame locker room, the mindlessness of social media or the negativity of the world around him.

“It's helped me understand who I am, regardless of what people say and what happens,” Richards said. “I'll always remain confident in myself, regardless of what I hear, what I see or what other people do.”

The Tulsa World's Kendrick Marshall wrote about Richard's sense of humor and his infectious personality.

Far from an isolated incident, Richards enjoys keeping the mood light most of the time. Whether it's leaving his teammates doubling over in laughter after one of the countless jokes he's told, or recording freestyle raps that he freely shares on social media.

"I think he loves it," said fellow safety Tre Flowers, who has known Richards since he was a skinny quarterback at Brackenridge High School. "He loves to make people laugh."

Gundy After First Scrimmage:

Saturday was the Cowboys’ first scrimmage of fall camp. Here’s Gundy afterwards talking about his team.

OSU-SI Has Come Full Circle:

Finally, World columnist Bill Haisten wrote about how the relationship between Oklahoma State and Sports Illustrated is complicated, but has come full circle thanks to the Mason Rudolph cover.

For $285,000 — the money paid to Smart and his Compliance Group company — OSU got a full-body scan of its football program.

“When Boone Pickens gave us $165 million, he asked for only one thing in return [OSU AD Mike Holder said]. He said, ‘You play by the rules. You don’t have to cheat to win, whether it’s in business or life or athletics. If you want to lose your No. 1 supporter, break the rules.’ That set a tone. That charge was picked up by our head football coach.”

The OSU-Sports Illustrated relationship has come full circle. Gundy says the Rudolph cover can be used in sales pitches to recruits. In dialogue with potential season-ticket buyers, OSU marketers can brag about SI’s College Football Playoff prediction.

The value of the Rudolph cover amounts to a lot more than $285,000.

Have a great week everyone!