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Oklahoma State Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow for Football Season

These are the Twitter accounts that you need to be following.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is a week away (Praise The Lord!) and Twitter is full of accounts that you need to follow to stay in the know in regards to OSU football. We’ve complied a list of Oklahoma State must-follows for the upcoming football season.

Cowboys Ride For Free:

Main account- @cowboysrff

Cade Webb (@CWebb_CRFF)

This is our Site Manager, or our “fearless leader” as we like to call him. His timeline is full of beer reviews, good red dirt music and most importantly OSU sports takes. His GIF game is also on point.

Tyler Wiederhoeft (@TDWiederhoeft)

Tyler is one of our Assistant Editors and while his timeline is full of Minnesota sports stuff (how sad), he does live tweet quite a bit of Oklahoma State sports. He’s a big baseball fan, so if that’s you too, give him a follow!

Dustin Ragusa (@DustRagu)

Another one of our assistant editors, Dustin tweets a lot of Oklahoma State sports stuff. He’s also a big Thunder fan, so you’re assured to get some OKC tweets there.

Joel Penfield (@Joeliopenfield)

One of our contributors, His bio says it all. His tweets are about sports 90% of the time. He’s tweets a lot about OSU sports, as well as the Kansas City Royals, Chiefs, and the Seattle Mariners for good measure. He’s another avid baseball fan to follow.

Will Hendrickson (@WillHendrickson)

Will is one of contributors that helps us with basketball season, but he tweets about Oklahoma State football as well. Follow him for his thoughts post during football season!

Colin Price (@TheCPiii)

If nothing else, follow him for freaking cute pictures of his dog! Jk...also follow him for the some great OSU football takes.

Gallagher Martin (@Gmartinchavez12)

Gallagher is one of our contributors whose twitter is full of not only Oklahoma State football, but also the Kansas City Royals and Mavericks.

Cullen Clark (@Cullen_B12C)

Cullen is one of our newest contributors, follow him for some great podcasts from Big 12 Country! He has some great OSU football takes as well.

Micah Allen (@micahallen18)

Oh, hey, that’s me! Follow me for my OSU football takes, and stay for all of the tweets about Dallas sports. Expect exponential GIF usage. #dezcaughtit #DTID #gostars

Follow all of us for some great football insight with some sass mixed in.


Mike Gundy- @CoachGundy

Glenn Spencer- @Glenn_Spencer

Josh Henson- @Coach_Henson

Kasey Dunn-@kasey_dunn

Joe Bob Clements- @joebobclements

Jason McEdoo-@JasonMcEdoo

Michael Yurcich-@Coach_Yurcich


Mason Rudolph (@Rudolph2Mason)

Justice Hill (@jhill21_)

Tyron Johnson (@_TBJXIII)

Jalen McCleskey (@lilsho2)

Justin Phillips (@Phillips_Era19)

Tre Flowers (@_Slimm7)

Ramon Richards (@chief_vii)

Zach Sinor (@ZachSinor29)

Local Media:

The Daily O’Collegian- (@ocollysports)

Berry Tramel (@BerryTramel)

Jenni Carlson (@JenniCarlson_OK)

John Helsley (@jjhelsley)

Scott Wright (@ScottWrightOK)

Mark Cooper (@mark_cooperjr)

Bill Haisten (@billhaisten)

Robert Allen (@RAllenGoPokes)

The Franchise (@FranchiseOK)

The Sports Animal (@sportsanimal)

Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys)

Oklahoma State Rivals (@OkStateRivals)

Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter)

OSU Figures:

Dave Hunziker (@Gopokesvoice)

Larry Reece (@cowboyvoice)

OSU Fan Accounts:

OkStateProbs (@OkStateProbs)

Tyler Seagreaves (@OSUFreak82)

Gents OKState (@GentsOkstate)

Young Gents OkState (@YoungGentsOkSt)

Boone Pickens State (@BP_State)

Who did we miss? Let us know below in the comments!