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Ten Questions Going Into Game Week: Tulsa

These are the ten questions I have heading into Thursday.

West Virginia v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

With the season opener rapidly approaching, I thought I would lay out some questions that I have leading into the season. So without further ado 10 questions for game week: Tulsa.

How creative do Gundy and Yurcich get?

Cade and Dustin talked about this in the podcast, with the amount of weapons that Oklahoma State has at Wide Receiver, does Gundy try some crazy stuff? Yurcich has already said that he wants to get Tylan Wallace playing time, but how is that gonna happen with the depth unless they’re planning on using him for something other than a wide receiver?

How good can the OSU defense be?

It’s not something that OSU is known for, but with the looks that we’ve gotten this secondary could be better than we’re thinking they will be. But how do they overcome losing as many players as they did last year?

How does Ramon Richards adjust to safety?

He’s been doing well in practice according to reports, but it remains to be seen if that will translate to a game situation.

Does Washington have a 200-yard game?

This is definitely something that could happen against this Tulsa team. Only problem is, how well will they cover him? You know they’ve been watching him like a hawk in film viewings but can you really prepare for someone like Washington? I see it happening depending on if Gundy uses this game to maybe try out some lower string players.

Does fun, looser Gundy make an appearance?

We’ve seen Gundy change a bit during the offseason. He’s probably the loosest, most laid back I’ve ever seen him. That’s all for naught, however, if he can’t let the offense run unrestricted. He’s got to let his players make plays and trust them.

Who really is the backup running back?

Justice Hill is obviously your starter, but at this point, the backup to Hill hasn’t been confirmed. J.D. King has been reported to take the spot but that hasn’t been confirmed and with the transfer of Jeff Carr, it’s kind of up in the air. Along with Ja’Ron Wilson, L.D. Brown and Chuba Hubbard, a crowded backfield makes for an exciting storyline to follow throughout the season.

How does the Thursday night opener affect attendance?

People have work the next day, but at the same time it is the first home game of the season.

How many touchdowns does Tulsa score?

This kind of goes back to the question about the defense. How will they hold up? Do they let one or two touchdowns go or do they hold strong all game and leave a goose egg on the board at the end?

What’s the back-up quarterback situation?

We know that there are two options Taylor Cornelius and Keondre Wudtee, but how much playing time do they get?

How does the WR situation impact the defense?

The Pokes have the best wide receivers in the country. All summer long, the young cornerbacks have been scrimmaging and going up against the best offense in the country every day practice. Does that inevitably make the defense better? We’ll find out Thursday.

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