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High Noon Highlights (8/30): Ashton Lampkins Tears ACL, New Guy Behind the MidFirst Mic, Student Section Advice

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Colorado Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Me at my desk for the next two work days:

Ashton Lampkin Tears ACL

Well, let’s start with the bad news first.

Ashton Lampkin really did have a decent shot at making the 53 man roster for the Chiefs. All he had to do was keep working hard and stay healthy. Well, bad news came yesterday as he went down with an ACL injury in practice. Lampkin will likely miss out on making the Chiefs this season, but look for him to rehab and take a second shot at landing on an NFL team next season.

The OSU Fan Experience is Receiving a Boost

Some may think this is not exactly news-worthy, and for most colleges, you are probably right. However, hiring someone to fill shoes as big as the ones Matt Fletcher left is definitely worth a mention. Oklahoma State fans are going to start seeing Thomas around OSU athletics a lot more. We can all hope that he can get the fans as hyped as Fletcher did.

“I love Oklahoma State and this is a great opportunity for me to do something that I’m passionate about,” Thomas said in an OSU Athletics press release. “I can’t wait to share my energy with the fans and be part of something as special as OSU Athletics.”

Congrats, Les!


YEAH! Yeah! But seriously, this isn’t the season to go out to the parking lot at halftime to wet your whistle, only to wake up 5 hours later in the alley between CB and Willies. Wear orange, be freaking loud, make visiting teams hate our guts. This is the season to leave it all out there.

Hey student section, can we talk about something real quick? There was something that really bothered me last year that was not a thing when I was in school. The three finger hold up thing you guys do on defensive third downs..... Like.... What the hell is that? You know what really intimidates opposing teams, NOT FINGERS.

God gave people two hands for the sole reason of going to football games and slamming them together in a repetitive pattern to make loud noises. Or cupping them around your mouth to make a little homemade amplifier. My point is, waving your fingers in the air during a football game is just a ineffective way of using your God-given noise tools. Be better and #FixThat.

Go Pokes!