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ESPN's Trevor Matich Continues to Praise Oklahoma State

Maybe the media isn't as down on the Cowboys as it appears?

Valero Alamo Bowl - Oklahoma State v Colorado Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Trevor Matich, one of the few ESPN reporters left, continues to heap praise on Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys.

Two months ago, Matich was making the case for the Cowboys to win the National Championship.

“I think Oklahoma State has a chance to win the national championship. I’m not saying they will, they have a good chance, and it’s because of that offense. They’ve got an NFL talent at quarterback in Mason Rudolph, one of the best deep throwers in the country. But he’s throwing to the deepest and most talented group of wide receivers in the country, led by James Washington. No one could stop him last year. But now they add to it a transfer from LSU in Tyron Johnson, who is a speedster, and then when they go down six deep at wide receiver, most of those guys would be starting at most schools in the country. So, good luck trying to cover them all.

Then when you’ve got a 1,000-yard running back like Justice Hill coming back, this offense will be literally unstoppable. The defense compliments the offense well, because even though there are questions on the back end, they will have a very disruptive group of defensive linemen that will be able to take advantage of opposing quarterbacks who are in catch-up mode. So, it’s a perfect storm for Oklahoma State and I think their fans have a perfect right to be excited about going a lot farther than just the conference championship.”

Today, he shoveled on the praise for the offense, and Mason Rudolph, specifically.

"Their offense will be the best in the country, and they can turn every game into a shootout from the first quarter. If your team is playing Oklahoma State and their quarterback Mason Rudolph drops back to pass, if he looks deep you better be sure you are holding your breath and sitting down.

Every other throw that he makes more than 20 yards down the field is a completion for 40 yards. Almost one out of every three throws more than 20 yards down the field is a touchdown.

In a day and age when a lot of college quarterbacks are running the run-pass option and throwing the ball at or near the line (of scrimmage), when you have a quarterback that can throw deep that well, you have a guy that can win any game just for that reason."

That's some pretty high praise from Matich, but it's well deserved. When the head coach is "drinking the orange kool-aid" it's hard for fans not to be excited.

The Cowboys kick off against Tulsa in 3 weeks, 4 days, 5 hours and 28 minutes. But who's counting?