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Weekend Roundup: Rudolph isn’t just setting records, why the win mattered and more!

We cap off the Cowboy weekend as we look ahead to Pitt.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at South Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Rudolph is more than a record-holder:

Mark Cooper of the Tulsa put out a nice article this weekend about Rudolph. He highlights that not only does he have the talent, but he also has the ability to make good decisons on the field. That’s been noticed by his head coach:

“There were three or four decisions he made out there that were really good decisions,” a tranquil, satisfied Gundy said, stretching out the word “really” for an extra half-second. “In some of our read concepts, where he has three things to do, they gave him a little bit of a unique look a few times, and he did the right thing every time and resulted in big plays.”

Gundy goes onto say that at their meeting on Thurday, Rudolph knew the play script backwards and forwards. Rudolph just looks more expiereced, more energetic and more ready to win.

I mean, just look at him leading the huddle on Friday:

This honestly reminds me of Drew Brees and I love it. Get your team pumped no matter who you’re playing or what the score is. We haven’t seen much of that from Rudolph, but it’s a welcomed sight this season.

Here’s the full article:

Why the win at South Alabama mattered:

You might think, "It’s South Alabama, who would lose to a team like that (looking at you, Baylor), but it doesn’t really do anything for us, does it?"

Cowboy Football says think again:

They put out this list of why this win is important. Some examples include the Justin Phillips pick-six, Mason Rudolph is now the all-time leading passer in OSU history and this marks the 10th win in the last 12 true road games.

Oklahoma State’s Defense Shows Potential Against South Alabama:

Diehards writer Shehan Jeyarajah wrote a piece highlighting the Oklahoma State defense on Friday night.

Oklahoma’s State’s defense held South Alabama to just 100 yards at the start of the 4th quarter and just 175 total yards, which is nothing short of outstanding. Plays were made all over the place. Justin Phillips also had a fantastic pick six, the first play of the game was a sack from DL DeQuinton Osborne that would have made quarterback Cole Garvin’s momma feel it, and they had had 9 tackles for loss.

At least we know now there’s one team in the Big 12 that can play some defense.