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OKLAHOMA STATE UNIFORM ROUNDABLE: Discussing the Black/White/Orange uniforms

The CRFF staff caught up to talk uniforms this week.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at South Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I thought it would be appropriate this week to talk uniforms. We haven’t done this yet this season, but I enjoyed the discussion (and we enjoy uniforms). The Cowboys rocked a black-white-orange look last week against South Alabama. Here’s a refresher:

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at South Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I asked our staff a few questions to get their impressions of what is one of my favorite looks for the Pokes. Let’s dive in:

1) This wasn't the first time we've seen Black/White/Orange, but it was the first time we saw it with the black marshal badge helmet. What was your first impression?

Joel Penfield: I thought it looked incredible, the helmet looked solid with the combination. I am usually not a fan of the tri-color uniform, but they pulled it off really well, I hope this is a combination that we will see more often.

Dustin Ragusa: I thought it looked awesome. The black marshall badge helmet with the chrome face mask might be one of my all time favorites. Tri-color isn't my favorite look, but I really liked this one.

Brodie Smith: I wasn't really that impressed. I know it's a decent look that is well received by most in the CRFF fold, but I'm a sucker for the all white road set.

Will Hendrickson: I liked the uni. I think the sheriff badge is a nice touch and that uniform does a great job of highlighting all of OSU's colors.

Micah Allen: I loved this combination. My first impression was "Can we wear this every week?" I loved these when I saw them at Alamo Bowl. I totally geeked out about them to my dad (who could have cared less lol.) when they came out in San Antonio. The helmet just adds another touch to make them even cooler.

2) If you could've made one change to the uniform, what would it have been?

Joel: I wouldn't change anything with this combination. The matte black helmet with the chrome facemask is one of my favorites worn. I bet we will see this combination again at some point soon. It seems like Gundy is superstitious when it comes to the uniforms, hence the reason we saw orange chrome Pete for 3 games in a row last year.

Dustin: I want to see the chrome brand like what we wore against Southeastern Louisiana on that helmet in place of the badge. I love the badge, but I'm a brand guy at heart.

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Brodie: I like orange, I really do. Plus, it's a school color. Yes, I know black is as well, but the feature color on the road should be orange. So, keep the orange pants, but pair them with an orange helmet and switch the numbers to orange (with a black outline) as well.

Will: Change the pants to black. Nothing wrong with the orange pants but I think black/white/black is a great look. I'm just glad we didn't break out Giant Orange Chrome Pete.

Micah: I honestly don't think I would have changed anything. These were awesome how they were. Maybe white pants? But I feel like if you're gonna do white, you have to do all white.

3) Grade it.

Joel: A-. I like B/W/B on the road the best, so that would have made it an A+ for me.

Dustin: I'm going to give it an A. I thought it looked awesome. I know I said I'm not a huge fan of the tri-color and I said I love the brand, but this uniform was just awesome.

Brodie: This wasn't my favorite set, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I'll give it a B- because it doesn't grab me and make me "ooh" like some of the other wardrobe selections.

Will: B. Not my top choice, but still a solid uniform combo.

Micah: 10/10