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College Football “Gambling Picks”: Week 3

A couple weeks late starting this, but better late than never!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at South Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend, we are starting a new weekly column specifically for “gambling” picks for the college football games that Saturday. We at CRFF will be picking every Big 12 game, a marquee game elsewhere, and an upset of our choosing. We will be picking both the spread and over/under for each game.

Oklahoma State (-11.5) at Pittsburgh (O/U 63.5)

Joel: Oklahoma State covers -11.5, and I’m taking the under slightly.

Cullen: Cowboys cover the spread, and I’ll take the over.

Cory: OSU and under.

Will: Pitt is one-dimensional on offense and has some of their best defensive players out for suspension. I’ll take the Pokes and the over

Kansas at Ohio (-8) (O/U 58)

Joel: Kansas finally wins a road game, I’m taking KU +8 and the over.

Cullen: Give me Ohio and the over.

Cory: Ohio and under.

Will: Bobcats and the over

Delaware State at West Virginia (no spread or over/under given)

Joel: I’m taking WVU straight up, since no spread was given

Cullen: West Virginia rolls in this one.

Cory: West Virginia.

Will: Neers

Iowa State (-10.5) at Akron (O/U 63)

Joel: I think Iowa State wins but it will be close, I’m taking Akron +10.5 and the over.

Cullen: I like Iowa State to cover this spread easily, I’ll take the over.

Cory: Iowa St and under.

Will: Cyclones win by 10 and Akron covers. Give me the Zips and the over

Baylor at Duke (-14) (O/U 58.5)

Joel: Duke covers -14, and I’m taking the over.

Cullen: Duke covers and Baylor is staring 0-7 in the face, I’ll take the under.

Cory: Duke and over.

Will: Baylor looks miserable and Duke just blew out Northwestern. I’m taking Duke and the over

SMU at TCU (-20) (O/U 65)

Joel: TCU covers -20, but I am taking the under here.

Cullen: Give me TCU and the under.

Cory: TCU and over.

Will: SMU and the under. I think the Mustangs keep it a little closer than most think. TCU’s D will keep this game under 65.

Tulane at Oklahoma (-35.5) (O/U 54.5)

Joel: OU easily covers -35.5, and I am taking the over.

Cullen: I’ll take the Sooners in a blowout, I’ll take the over too.

Cory: OU and over.

Will: Tulane and the over. Looking for the Green Wave to cover with a couple late scores against OU’s 2nd and 3rd stringers.

Kansas State (-4) at Vanderbilt (O/U 50)

Joel: I am taking Vanderbilt +4, but I think K-State still wins. I am also taking the over.

Cullen: I’ll take Kansas state to cover, I’ll also take the over.

Cory: KState and under.

Will: K-State and the over. I know its been against low quality competition, but K state has looked like the third best team in the Big 12.

Arizona State at Texas Tech (-7) (O/U 76.5)

Joel: Texas Tech covers -7, and I am taking the over on 76.5. I think there will not be a lot of defense played.

Cullen: I like Tech to win and cover the spread, I’ll take the over since we could be looking at a sequel to last year’s game.

Cory: Tech and under.

Will: Tech and the over. ASU is bad. Always take the over when Tech is involved.

Texas at USC (-15.5) (O/U 68)

Joel: This game won’t be close, USC easily covers -15.5. I am taking the under because I don’t expect a lot of scoring from Texas.

Cullen: I’ll take USC to cover. I think Texas will have success offensively so I will also take the over.

Cory: USC and under.

Will: Don’t see a way for Texas to stay within two touchdowns @ USC. Trojans and the over

Marquee Game of the Week: Clemson (-3) at Louisville (O/U 58.5)

Joel: Clemson cover -3, and I am taking the over in a high-octane game.

Cullen: Clemson and I don’t think it will be close, I’ll take the over.

Cory: Louisville and over.

Will: Lamar Jackson is a stud but not buying the Cardinals this year. I’ll take Clemson and the over

Upset of the Week:

Joel: North Carolina (-10.5) at Old Dominion. I’m taking ODU +10.5 and the over! #ShootersShoot

Cullen: Tulsa at Toledo (-8.5). Give me Tulsa +8.5 and the under.

Cory: Purdue wins at Missouri.

Will: I would take Purdue straight up at Mizzou, but I’ll take the additional 7 points just to be safe. (O/U) is 77.5 - Give me the over.