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Oklahoma State Transfer Center Announces Retirement

Big news from the former Golden Gopher.

Minnesota v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Big news from one of Josh Henson’s transfers today, as former Minnesota Golden Gopher Tyler Moore announced his medical retirement on Twitter Monday afternoon.

“This is gonna be a hard one. For those who do not know, I had a Lumbar Microdiscectomy on both my L4 and L5 vertebrate in my back in March earlier this year. I have been through rigorous rehab since and have faced trials and tribulations that has shaken me to my foundation. This didn’t worry me, I knew exactly what I was getting into; I did this for the love of my sport and the people that I have met through it and I was okay with that. In my treatments I have had many set backs, but none as bad as this recent episode. I began to experience recurring symptoms that I had before my surgery, such as harsh pain in my back and shooting pains coming down my legs; which also includes not having sensation in my right foot since my injury. Me and my family went to see my surgeon to see exactly what was going on and discussed a potential revision surgery for my back, making a total of two back surgeries at 21 years old. It deeply saddens me to tell y’all that I am pursuing a medical retirement from my football career here at OSU. This decision was not made hastily or lightly, and was made in consideration of my future quality of life after football. I want to thank Coach Gundy and all the support staff at Oklahoma State for accepting me into their family and letting me continue my education, which otherwise might not have been possible without.”

Moore left Minnesota after a scandal came down on the football program. Head Coach Tracy Clayes was ultimately fired - a move that Moore felt was unjust and led to his transfer.

“I did not leave due to me hating the football team or the state, it was due to the injustice surrounding the firing of Tracy Claeys. I believe the decision was made out of distain of Jerry Kill and was a witch hunt from the beginning. [U of M Athletic Director] Mark Coyle and [University President] Eric Kaler were wrong in making that decision and I couldn’t stay there any longer because if the AD and President can treat a public figure so poorly; imagine what they can do to the players.

“I want to thank all my supporters and I ask you continue to pray for me and my future endeavors. God Bless.”

Oklahoma State does have five OL commits currently in its 2018 class, but with Brad Lundblade finishing up his final season in the orange and black, it would have been nice to have Moore use his two years of experience snapping the ball to next year’s QB1.

Despite never playing a single down for OSU due to transfer rules, Moore is still a Cowboy. We wish Moore nothing but the best in his future.