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High Noon Highlights (9/21): Is Mike Gundy the most underrated coach in the country?

It’s high noon, here are your Oklahoma State sports highlights.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Barrett Sallee Names Gundy Most Underrated CFB Coach in the Country:

While Sallee of CBS Sports credits Gundy for his success at the helm, he still finds a way to make a jab with his Lincoln Riley comment. Despite that, its still nice to see the coach of the No. 6 team in the nation with a 107-50 lifetime record getting the praise he deserves. After Gundy, Sallee lists Dan Mullen (Mississippi State), Willie Taggart (Oregon), Jeff Brohm (Purdue), and Rocky Long (San Diego State).

Oklahoma State and Ohio State reach settlement:

It all started when Ohio State filed for an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive use of "OSU" on apparel and clothing.

The fight is now over after both schools signed an agreement earlier in the month for both schools to be able to use "OSU" nation wide.

The reasoning behind the agreement is that the two schools are different enough to not cause confusion.

"The parties believe that there is no likelihood of confusion, mistake, or deception between the continued use and registration of Ohio State OSU Marks and Oklahoma State OSU Marks, The two schools have different color schemes: Ohio State is scarlet and gray while Oklahoma State is black and orange."

They also made sure to stop the “funny business” before it ever got started.

There are some boundaries spelled out, though. Oklahoma State cannot use Ohio State’s “Buckeyes” nickname or the “Brutus Buckeye” mascot for its merchandise. Ohio State cannot touch “Cowboys” or the “Pistol Pete” mascot for similar purposes.

And neither school can disparage the other with phrases such as “wannabe OSU” or “copy-cat OSU”.

Oklahoma State Baseball has seventh best recruiting class in the country:

With the losses that Oklahoma State Baseball suffered last year; Garrett McCain, Garrett Benge and Trey Cobb, among others, It looked as if the Cowboys might have a down year. However, don’t fret too much. Head Coach Josh Holliday and Co. were named the No. 7 recruiting class by College Baseball Newspaper. It looks like a down year seems less likely.

Gundy learns lessons from Father-In-Law:

For Mike Gundy, football and the two players he left in Stillwater were the last thing on his mind.

Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World did and incredible job with this piece about the death of Mike Gundy’s father-in-law Danny Strickland.

Haisten details their relationship and how it started when Gundy met now wife Kristen in sixth grade.

“Kristen’s dad, Danny, was one of my best friends,” Gundy said. “We were complete opposites, but he taught me a lot about life. He knew that I needed some guidance off the field. In his very inconspicuous way, he did that. He and I became very close friends during that time.”

Our thoughts are with the Gundys and the Stricklands during this hard time.

ESPN loves the Oklahoma State Offense

Yesterday, ESPN released a video featuring some stats on the incredible start that Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys have had this season. However, due to ESPN’s stingy video-sharing options, I can’t embed it here.

Regardless, they included it in a full-fledged story about the offense. It’s a great feature, looking back to 2014, where Rudolph, center Brad Lundblade and WR James Washington were still unknown freshman.

It’s a good read, and I recommend it.

That’s all for today. Enjoy your afternoon!