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High Noon Highlights (9/27): Back to Business (as usual) for Mason Rudolph

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s High Noon.

Yesterday’s big news came from a scandal in College Basketball (of all places **eyeroll**). Multiple coaches, apparel executives and financial advisers were caught up in corruption, and the FBI cracked down on them yesterday morning. You can check out our full story on the scandal HERE.

No Rah-Rah Speeches for Oklahoma State Football

“It’s not necessarily a ‘Rudy speech’ in front of the locker room,” Rudolph said. “You’re not jumping up in the chair. It’s just the way you carry yourself and make sure guys believe in you and believing in our team and what we can do.

“You gotta set the record straight going into the week, and I think I did that Sunday morning. It’s consistent effort, and not only me, it’s a lot of guys, just positivity. We turned this thing around just as soon as we got back into the weight room Sunday morning."

It’s good that Mason and Co. are looking forward, because I am still losing sleep over last Saturday. OSU has an explosive Texas Tech team in front of them next week, and they will need their focus ahead of them, not behind.

“We don’t plan on losing another one so it won’t be a couple (of losses)”

One of our Future Pieces is Getting Game Experience in the Present

With three seniors — plus Williams, for whom OSU plans to apply for a sixth year — on the offensive line, the Cowboys will have holes to fill next season, and Jenkins is a key part of their long-term plans. But the future arrived quicker than expected.

“He's got to get better, and he'll play better this week,” Henson said. “He did a nice job for his first time out there really being the guy, knowing the pressure's on him.

“He's a guy in the future who is gonna play a lot of football for us if he keeps improving.”

It’s pretty clear that we will be seeing Jenkins a lot during the next four years. He may be going through a few growing pains now, but he’ll be better off down the road for the experience he is gaining now.

In the latest depth chart released, Zach Crabtree is listed as back in at RT and Jenkins will be playing at RG.

Yurcich Lacking Confidence? Nahhh.

In regards to the Wide Receiver pass which ended in a heartbreaking interception.

Think about that play for a minute. An offense that before kickoff was considered the nation’s best, led by a Heisman Trophy-contending quarterback and a set of receivers that seemed unstoppable, resorted to a scatback throwing a pass with the game on the line. And it wasn’t a desperation situation. It was first down. It wasn’t 3rd-and-13 or 2nd-and-25.


But think what the call really means. That call shows a crack in the coaches’ faith in the offense. And I’m not saying it’s not legitimate doubt. The OSU offensive line had trouble protecting Rudolph all game long, with the absence of starters Larry Williams and Zach Crabtree. The running game was only mildly effective, through dogged determination.

TCU’s defense clearly had won the showdown to that point. The Horned Frogs very likely have the Big 12’s best defense. But that’s not supposed to scare the Big 12’s best offense, or the nation’s best offense.

Yet it did.

I thought this was an interesting read. I don’t necessarily agree with Tram here, but I can taste what he’s cookin’. In my opinion, it was just a plain bad call. I think Yurcich wanted to run that play all game long, and he just chose the wrong time to call it. It also didn’t help that McCleskey didn’t even look downfield before he heaved it...

Let’s hope for a better outcome this week against Tech.

Go Pokes!