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BREAKING: Oklahoma State Fires Lamont Evans

The former coach is facing multiple felony charges

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

We all figured it was coming, but now it is official. Lamont Evans is no longer an assistant coach at Oklahoma State University.

Evans is facing multiple fraud and corruption charges in the NCAA Men’s Basketball recruiting scandal that has rocked the nation over the past few days. The charges could net him 80 years in prison.

Mark Cooper is reporting that since the contract was terminated today, OSU no longer owes Evans anything, as he violated the terms of his contract, which frees the university from owing him anything.

In fact, Cooper says Evans may owe the university up to $100,000.

If Evans is terminated for just cause due to governing athletic rules violations, he could owe the university up to $100,000 in damages. That’s contingent upon whether the university sustains damages as a result of repeated rule violations.

According to the contract, Evans would have been eligible to be fired “for cause” by any of the following:

• Dishonesty
• Neglect of duties
• Improper personal conduct
• Violations of code of conduct
• Conflicts (of interest)
• Governing athletic rules violations by employee or others
• Convictions
• Conduct that affects the university unfavorably
• Material breach of contract

The first domino of the scandal affecting Oklahoma State has fallen. The question is how many more will follow?

Stay with Cowboys Ride For Free as we monitor the story.