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Uniform Prediction: TTU

Oklahoma State always seems to dress nicely for Texas Tech

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

For the last two years, this high-scoring matchup looked pretty similar when it came to the uniforms: the home team going with the blackout and the visiting team in the all-white stormtrooper look. And this year was looking to be no different when Texas Tech announced that the crowd would be a blackout. However, the Tech equipment staff had another idea.

The Red Raiders will be rocking a throwback White/Red/White combo tonight and it will be very interesting to see what Rex and the Chief breakout for the Cowboys. Will it be the icy whites or something new? OSU has already used fan-favorites Black/White/Orange and Black/White/Black this year so we have a very real possibility of seeing a new combo. With the new threads, we are yet to see the Black/White/White look and tonight would be an ideal time to break them out. The white jerseys contrast very well with a black piece and the white on white will look great under the lights. As for the helmet, I feel like we're might also see a new decal/facemask combo as well.

It's going to be a wild one in Lubbock and the Cowboys are going to be looking sharp. My Uni-prediction: Black helmet, Sheriff's Badge logo, Chrome facemask, White jerseys, White pants.

Other staff predictions: All-White, Orange/White/White, Black/White/Grey, Grey/White/Orange, and Orange/White/Grey.