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Tulsa vs Oklahoma State: As Told by a Tulsa Fan

What did Thursday’s game look like for a Tulsa fan?

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The college football weekend is almost over, and after watching how other top 25 teams struggled to put away FCS or G5 schools, it got me feeling even more optimistic about Oklahoma State.

The Cowboys cruised passed Tulsa, 59-24, on Thursday in front of a national audience. While the Cowboys were not perfect, there was never any doubt in the outcome as Tulsa never really made it close.

We all know how exciting of a win that was from an Oklahoma State perspective, but how did that beat down look from the eyes of a Tulsa fan?

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Without further ado, let’s begin.

6:30 p.m. kick off

Man, awesome pass rush from Tulsa’s defensive tackle but Rudolph throws a beautiful fade route for an OSU TD. 7-0 Cowboys.

Chad President makes a defender miss in open space to pick up a first. If he can do that all year Tulsa’s offense will be just fine.

Tulsa goes for it on fourth and one to move the chains. Golden Hurricane came to play.

Chad President pretty much as expected. Evasive in open space but slow to read defenses in drop back and inaccurate while passing.

Mason Rudolph: Pretty good! OSU leads Tulsa 14-0 after another deeeeep bomb.

Tulsa CB jumped the quick out and was inches from a pick six. OSU gets to the one yard line instead, take a 21-0 lead on the next play.

Tulsa pulls Chad President for some guy named Skipper.

Atypical offensive disorganization from a Phil Montgomery squad. Tulsa was trips left and had all 3 WR in the same area after their breaks.

End of first quarter: Oklahoma State 21 Tulsa 0

-1 passing yard for Tulsa at the start of the second. Yikes.

That Oklahoma State punt returner won’t field another all season. Grabs a punt rolling backward, fumbles in the end zone. Tulsa recovers for a TD.

Conference USA football teams have been outscored 102-17 to start the 2017 season.

Oh jeez Tulsa gonna have to super sim to the end of this game.

Chad President is back and showing serious improvement. Leading Tulsa on a nice drive here.

Taylor powers through the stalemate for a Golden Hurricane touchdown. Tulsa cuts the lead to 14 for Oklahoma State.

It was at this point Oklahoma State finished the game on a 31-10 run, which may explain this Tulsa fan switching to a more competitive Thursday night game.

The remainder of Tulsa’s schedule looks much more manageable, with non-conference games against Louisiana Lafayette, Toledo, and New Mexico before the American Athletic conference schedule.

The Cowboys are back in action on 7 p.m. Friday at South Alabama. The game will be televised on ESPN 2.