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STAFF PREDICTIONS: Oklahoma State (1-0) @ South Alabama (0-1)

Our staff predicts the outcome of tonight’s matchup against South Alabama.

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are in Mobile, Al. this evening for a tricky road matchup against the South Alabama Jags. I got some thoughts from our staff members, and we’ve got them here for you.

Cade Webb:

On paper, Oklahoma State should have no trouble at all with South Alabama. They’re more athletic, better coached, and have more at stake tonight. That being said, I could see the Pokes kicking the can around a bit tonight. I don’t think this game will end up being close, but I think they play with their food a little bit at times.

South Alabama won’t be able to stop the pass, I don’t think. If they have trouble there, then the floodgates should open and the Cowboys should roll. I expect a balanced offensive attack with a healthy mix of the run and pass.

Because the Cowboys should be able to run the ball, along with their ability to get off the field on third down, I think the Pokes pull away in the second quarter after a slow start in the first.

Oklahoma State 55, South Alabama 24

Tyler Wiederhoeft:

Gundy will have the majority of the starters pulled by the 3rd quarter, but that won't stop the second team offense. Gundy will probably call off the dogs halfway into the final 15 minutes and just kneel the clock out. #boldprediction

As for the defense, I'm going to say the starters give up three, and the second teamers give up the TD and a FG. Or maybe the third teamers.

All I know is it is gonna be ugly.

Oklahoma State 71, South Alabama 13

Cory Landes:

Rudolph should have his way in this one, I'm going with 5 TD's for him. The unfortunate part is that neither he, nor the team, will get credit for taking care of business as they did against Tulsa in week one. Other than a win, the best thing that could happen for the Cowboys this week is a Pitt win against Penn St.

Oklahoma State 58, South Alabama 21

Brodie Smith:

It's not rocket science here. The Pokes are a stronger team than anything USA can throw against it. The OSU offense will log lots of yards and points early and then coast in the second half. I know USA gave that SEC powerhouse Ole Mess (am I right?) a good game for a half, but it's not like the Rebels have alot going for it these days. Expect this one to be decided early.

Oklahoma State 62, South Alabama 13

Robert Whetsell:

It better be 42-7 at halftime.

Oklahoma State 52, South Alabama 21

Joel Penfield

I said it on the Two Minute Drill, but I'm going with the Cowboys. The Cowboys are clearly the more talented team, and they should prove that. No one on South Alabama really stands out as someone who can beat Oklahoma State. This one shouldn't be close.

Oklahoma State 55, South Alabama 17

Gallagher Martin:

I'm not going to lie, I know very little about South Alabama. I do know, however, that they gave Ole Miss a game for one-half of football, and that they'll be fired up for their home opener against the No. 11 team in the country on national television.

Would I be surprised to see Oklahoma State start slow? No. But there is no way South Alabama is hanging for an entire half like they did last week. I actually expect to Oklahoma State to start this game fast, strong, and physical, and erase any type of thoughts of an upset. This Oklahoma State team is just on a different level than what we've seen from OSU teams in the past, and even my most pessimistic thoughts on the outcome of this game have Oklahoma State winning by at least two scores. I would absolutely love to see the Cowboys dominate on all three sides of the ball like they are capable of doing tonight.

Oklahoma State 55, South Alabama 17

Micah Allen

The Oklahoma State offense is gonna put up some points tonight. I think they come in and do some damage against the South Alabama defense. They couldn't cover Ole Miss, and I don't think it'll be any different with us.

I was a bit nicer to them in this than I was in the preview because I could see the Pokes going in a bit cocky and letting a couple touchdowns slip.

Oklahoma State 65, South Alabama 14

Cullen Clark

I think OSU offense does what it wants, when it wants. I also think the defense plays well and forces a few turnovers. The secondary will finally be tested a little bit and I think they will perform well.

Oklahoma State 56, South Alabama 17