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RECAP: Oklahoma State defeated by Kansas State 86-82

Oklahoma State just couldn’t get it done in the little apple

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State just didn’t have enough as the Cowboys fell to the Wildcats in Manhattan 86-82.

This was one of those games where it seemed like for everything that Oklahoma State did well, Kansas State had something that was that much better.

Oklahoma State just didn’t have an answer for Kansas State guard Barry Brown Jr. who ended the game with 38 points, 12 coming in the first half. Brown was 12-for-17 from the paint and 3-for-4 from the three point line. He also shot 11-for-16 from the charity stripe.

As a whole, the Wildcats shot 50 percent from the paint and 37.5 percent from the 3-point line.

Oklahoma State lead at the half 34-33 after a 10-1 run with about two minutes and 30 seconds left in the half. After coming back, the Cowboys struggled until it was too late. Their biggest struggle was at the 3-point line where they were just 28 percent. Combine that with some struggles on defense and you don’t have a won basketball game.

Some good in this game was the free throw shooting. The Cowboys were 95 percent from the charity stripe going 21-for-22.

It was also a good game for Mitchell Solomon. He had two really good plays in the fist half. Solomon ended the game with 6 points and 10 rebounds. :

Brandon Averette had himself a game leading the team with 22 points. He also went 8-11 from the paint. He didn’t shoot any 3-pointers. Jeffery Carroll, Kendall Smith and Lindy Waters also had double digits. Carroll had 20, Smith had 14 and Waters had 11 before fowling out with about 40 seconds left.

They were without Tavarius Shine this game as he’s dealing with an injury to both wrist. One can only think having him would have helped significantly to get those four points that ended up being the difference in this game.

Oklahoma State out-rebounded the Wildcats with 37 to 28 advantage.

Oklahoma State did try to get back in it with about a minute and forty seconds left. But it was just too little too late.

The Cowboys now move to 11-5 (1-3 Big 12) and still haven’t gotten a road win. They take on the Texas Longhorns in Gallagher- Iba on Saturday at 4 p.m.