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Russell Okung added to the 2018 Pro Bowl

The Cowboy is going back for his second trip to the Pro Bowl

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Former Cowboy and current Los Angeles Chargers offensive lineman Russell Okung is now going to the NFL Pro Bowl. This will be his second appearance in the game. He will be replacing Raiders left tackle Donald Penn, who cannot participate due to injury. The last time Okung went to the Pro Bowl was the 2012-2013 season, when he was still a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

Okung previously played with the Seattle Seahawks, where he drafted and played 5 seasons. After his rookie contract was up, he played on a one-year deal with the Denver Broncos. This past offseason, he negotiated himself to a 4 year, $53 million deal with the Chargers. He was the veteran on the offensive line, and helped bolster a group that only allowed 18 sacks all season, the fewest in the NFL.

Congratulations, Russell!!