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Mike Gundy sounds off on James Washington’s doubters

Mike Gundy has no clue why you are surprised about Washington’s Senior Bowl week performance.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

James Washington has dazzled NFL scouts and analysts throughout the week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL. He’s burned countless corners, and has showed off the skills that Oklahoma State fans and coaches became accustomed to seeing during his time as a Cowboy.

Even with a Biletnikoff Award in tow, it seemed like scouts were somehow surprised by Washington’s dominance.

The above tweet is one of just many in which we saw NFL scouts take back their words after Washington blew them away this week. Mike Gundy took notice to the utter disrespect, and sounded off on Twitter today.

The fact that scouts are surprised by Washington’s performance, especially given what he’d accomplished in his illustrious career, is still beyond me. Regardless, Washington has improved his draft stock tremendously, and will likely be the first receiver taken off the board in April’s NFL Draft.