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Breaking Down Week 6 of the AP Poll: OSU Back in the Top 25

After a week out, OSU is back in!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, with five games played by pretty much every college football team, including Oklahoma State who, after a win over Kansas on Saturday, is 4-1 on the season. With the victory, came a bit of a reward; the latest Associated Press poll released on Sunday had the Cowboys back in the Top-25 a week after they dropped completely out.

Week Ranking Lowest Highest
Preseason NR NR 21 (2)
2 NR NR 21 (3)
3 24 NR 18 (1)
4 15 NR 8 (1)
5 NR NR 19 (1)
6 25 NR 19(3)

I thought the fact that OSU dropped completely out of the rankings last week was a bit ridiculous, just like I think the Cowboys essentially jumping from 30th to 25th after a win over Kansas is a little silly too.

Yes, I understand that numerous teams that were ranked between 20-25 in last week’s poll lost allowing the Cowboys to jump back in, but they never should have dropped from 15th to 30th in the first place.

The only thing MORE ridiculous is Texas Tech going from not receiving a single vote, to being ranked No. 25 after beating OSU, to going back to not receiving a single vote after losing to West Virginia. Seriously?

Annnnnyways, there were a few voters who kept the Cowboys in their top-25 ballots post Tech loss, including Ben Jones of the Tuscaloosa News. He had the Cowboys at No. 24 last week and moved them up to No. 19 this week.

“They’re 4-1 and have acquitted themselves well in all four wins,” Jones told CRFF. “They have one of the top offenses in the conference. The defense hasn’t been great, but only needs to do so much when you can average 45 a game. I haven’t gotten to watch them extensively but Justice Hill looks like a heck of a player, and 24 sacks from the defense is an outstanding number. There’s enough going on for you to believe it’s worthy of being in the top 25.”

The Cowboy will get another chance to move up in the rankings this week when they welcome the Iowa State Cyclones to Stillwater on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 2:30 p.m.