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High Noon Highlights(10/1): Mike Gundy’s Big 12 coaches conference call gets a surprise visitor

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon...

Prank calls come in during Big 12 coaches conference call:

During Mike Gundy’s weekly Big 12 conference call, someone who said that they were from the “Stillwater Tribune” asked about freedom of the press. The caller also directly asked about Jalen McCleskey as well as why Gundy had a problem with people doing their jobs. It was just a crazy situation. The moderator apologized for the fraudulent calls to which Gundy replied “It’s okay we have a lot of fraudulent people in the world.”

Here’s the audio of the call:

According to this tweet from Riley Gates, the prank call was the result of a hack.

Jordan Brailford named Big 12 Player of the Week:

After a game where he made 10 solo tackles on 7 stops, Jordan Brailford was named to the Big 12 Player of the Week list. Pooka Williams from Kansas made Newcomer of the Week. Brailford also totaled 3 sacks.

Patmon has big game against Jets:

Tyler Patmon played 43 of the 55 snaps in yesterdays Jaguars game against the New York Jets. That’s good got 78 percent of the game. The Jaguars would go on to win the game 31-12.

Andrew Heaney receives Nick Adenhart Award:

Former Oklahoma State baseball player Andrew Heaney was honored during last night’s Angels game against the Athletic. The Nick Adenhart Award is given to the best pitcher for the Angels each season. Congrats to Heaney!

That’s all for today! Come back tomorrow for more highlights.