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Three Things For OSU To Improve On Against Iowa State

The Cowboys gained some momentum after a win in Lawrence. Up next for OSU is an always sneaky Iowa State team. Here’s how the Pokes can survive and remain in the top 25.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Survive and remain in the top 25.

That’s the game for Oklahoma State for the rest of this season. The more wins (and equity with voters) the Cowboys can stack up the better. That means winning the games they’re supposed to win. Iowa State has always been a team that loves to steal games they aren’t supposed to win. Here are three things OSU can improve on to keep Iowa State from stealing another victory from the Pokes.

1. Offensive (literally offensive) Line

I’m going to keep the O Line at #1 every single week until they figure it out. They’re still snapping the ball at Taylor Cornelius’ feet and haven’t been great in pass protection. I said it last week and I’ll say it again, this game is won at the line of scrimmage. The offensive and defensive lines usually determine how good a team is. It doesn’t mean anything to have playmakers at skill positions if they don’t have the time or the chance to make plays.

2. Penalties

The Cowboys cost themselves almost an entire football field in penalties on Saturday. Over 90 yards worth of penalties is absolutely unacceptable. It may not matter much against Kansas but it will at the end of the season. If OSU isn’t careful, it could cost them this weekend against Iowa State. This is a matter of discipline. Undisciplined teams don’t win football games. I may sound like a cliche high school football coach in this post but it’s true. Mike Gundy needs to find a way to get his football team to play a disciplined game of football.

3. Defensive Consistency

It was the front seven that struggled against Texas Tech but it was the secondary who struggled against Kansas. Part of this has to do with the game plans from Texas Tech and Kansas, but regardless, these two need to play well together. Iowa State’s offense isn’t great but they are better than Kansas. This team could give the Cowboy defense fits if they don’t play their best and come in well prepared.