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PICKS FROM JOE’S Week 7 Big 12 Power Poll

Let parity reign and couches burn

NCAA Football: Kansas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Huge shake up in this weeks standings. Let’s get to it before I start breaking things…

1. West Virginia

You stumbled around and still beat Kansas 38-22. Now go beat Iowa State in Ames and rub salt in my wounds.

2. Texas

Well, you got yourself in this mess, now you have to do something with it. Baylor is coming to town with a 2-1 conference record…FYI they put up 37 on the same defense you put 19 on…but their defense allowed 34 to KState so you’ll likely be just fine.

3. Oklahoma

Mike Stoops…Also, Lincoln Riley’s offense just put 45 on the best defense in the Big 12. My money is on them scoring 45+ in every remaining game. Woohoo…

4. Baylor

Enjoy being here for one week. If Texas doesn’t read their press clippings, they will pound you into submission.

5. TCU / Texas Tech

Can’t do anything wrong in a bye week. You guys can decide this one on Thursday night.

7. Iowa State

Thanks for the embarrassment. Now get stomped by West Virginia and really hammer it home.

8. Oklahoma State

Thank God for Kansas. This could be Gundy’s first losing season since 2005 with only road games at Kansas State and Baylor looking like opportunities for wins. But five million dollars……

9. Kansas State

Don’t worry, you’ll probably move up after next week. I’d call it a lock if you were playing in Stillwater.

10. Kansas

I have to say, you’re putting up much more of a fight that I thought you would after losing to Nicholls State, but you still suck.