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Staff Predictions: Oklahoma State at Kansas State

Our staff gives their predictions for today’s game!

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State takes on K-State in The Little Apple today. Our staff got together to discuss what they think will happen in Manhattan. Some us have faith in the Cowboys, some of us do not.

Robert Whetsell:

KState 38-34

More of the same for OSU as we settle in for the first losing season since 2005.

Phillip Slavin:

Kansas State is bad.

Yes, they’ve been showing improvement since the second half of the Texas loss. And yes, Kansas State over the last four years has made a living on starting season poorly then making runs to get to bowl games. Also yes, Skylar Thompson, who is going to start at quarterback, was last year’s version on Brock Purdy when he Peyton Manning on Oklahoma State. Throw in the fact that OSU games against Kansas State are always close and playing in Manhattan generally puts me on dialysis for a week after what I do to my liver, but this Kansas State team is BAD. Oklahoma State should win. It will probably be an ugly one, but a good ending for the Cowboys.

OSU 38 - KSU 34.

Grant Boston:

Kansas State just held a players-only meeting to discuss their lack of energy. Much as the robin is the harbinger of spring or how a canary’s death is a sign that something is afoul in one’s mine shaft, the players-only meeting is a crow signaling the impending death of a football team (birds are so creepy).

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from the players only meeting from Kansas lineman Dalton Risner:

“We’re a good football team. We aren’t getting beat by 30 or 40 points. . .”

Kansas State can continue to feel like a good team because they won’t get beat by “30 or 40 points”. But they’re still going to lose this in the neighborhood of 30 to 10.

Louis Pineda:

This is an away game, so I feel more confident about winning than if this game were played in Stillwater. Is that a sentence that I thought I would ever say? Not so much. However, the Cowboys have some serious problems in all three phases, which doesn’t bode well for playing a Bill Snyder team no matter how bad they are. We will get down early, then make a huge comeback to win on an Amendola field goal. Just like I warned with the Kansas game, there will be a renewed sense of confidence for the team and the fanbase only for that to get washed away when we lose every remaining game except for Baylor. And I’m iffy on winning that one too.

K-State: 35

OSU: 38

Ryan Harris:

Kansas State has struggled this season. OSU could very well lose this game, although I think they’ll pull out a close win on the road. Either way, both schools are in full “I can’t wait for basketball season” mode. Oklahoma State’s playmakers make the difference in this game.

Oklahoma State: 31 Kansas State:26

Matt Harris:

Kansas State has never been great at scoring a lot of points. They join Texas to make up the two Big 12 teams that play more defense than offense. However, Oklahoma State just let up 48 points to an Iowa State team that was held to 26 by Akron. AKRON. I think that Kansas State will definitely eclipse its points-per-game average for the season, which is currently sitting a little below 20 points. If OSU loses this game, I think we might see some major repercussions within the program.

Oklahoma State 41-34 over K-State.

Micah Allen:

This is a must win game for the Pokes. I see them playing hard and doing what they have to do to win. However, Kansas State is in the same boat. I don’t think they’re going to go down quietly. I just don’t think that K-State is as talented as the Cowboys though. The better team wins and it’s close. I’m sticking to my prediction from the preview. 35-28 Pokes.

Zach McCoy:

Oklahoma State 35 – K State 33

Kansas State has really struggled this year but playing in Manhattan is never easy. I think the offense will be a little more consistent but a little less explosive. The defense will figure just enough out to hold on to a win and shave a few months off every Cowboys fan’s life after stopping a 2-pt conversion to tie late.

Have a prediction of your own? Drop it in the comment section below!