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Kansas State Rolls Oklahoma State 31-12

Oklahoma State has a third game that was just simply bad.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Despite holding Kansas State to a field goal that they didn’t make on their first drive, that was the about the only thing good to happen to Oklahoma State today.

In a game that was just all around ugly, with no touchdown until a few minutes into the third quarter, Oklahoma State just couldn’t get anything going. Both sides of the ball shot themselves in the foot with six penalties for 55 yards at the end of the third. On top of that the defense just wasn’t able to stop Skyler Thompson’s running ability.

The first half was not great for either team. They simply kept trading field goals and it looked like a Big 10 game. Oklahoma State went into the locker room up 6-3.

As I mentioned earlier Skyler Thompson ran all over the Oklahoma State defense in the first half. Between him and running back Alex Barnes, Oklahoma State just couldn’t stop the run. They would rush for 112 yards in the first half. Combine that with the Oklahoma State offense rushing for only 73 yards and it didn’t look good. While the score board might have said Oklahoma State was winning, the play on the field was awful. Taylor Cornelius would throw an interception to Duke Shelley in the end zone.

Justice Hill would also not play in the final minutes of the first half. He would get the ball just 11 times for 41 yards all game. When he did he get the ball good things did happen, but at other points it looked like Kansas State just had his number. This could explain why he averaged just 3.7 yards per carry.

The first touchdown of the game would come with 8 minutes and 44 seconds to go in the third quarter on a 9 yard rush for Alex Barnes. K-State would go on to have a 14 point third quarter followed by another 14 in the fourth quarter and there was just no coming back for Oklahoma State. They would score their only touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter but at that point it was too late. They would go for the two point conversion and not get it after Shelley broke up the pass to Tylan Wallace.

On a K-State defense that has previously not been good on third down, Oklahoma State converted just 5 of 15 third downs. That also contributed to Oklahoma State’s woes on offense.

It was a series of errors that lead to a bad game for Oklahoma State especially on offense. I mean what else is their to say when only 12 points are scored on K-State . I leave you with this from Nathan Ruiz.

And on a positive note...Oklahoma State can’t lose next week.