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Let the shuffling continue. Meanwhile the basement is getting crowded.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve officially reached the stage where the Big 12 starts cannibalizing itself. Thank God Kansas is a vegetarian.

1. Texas

Well I suppose it had to happen. You were bound to have all of the following take place at the same time:

a. Beat OU before they got smart and fired Mike Stoops

b. Managed to not fall asleep the following week against Baylor

c. All other normal contenders are either down, overrated, or just plain suck (see below)

With a bye week and then a trip to Stillwater on the horizon, you’ll get to stay here for the foreseeable future.

2. Oklahoma

Bye weeks are more fun without Mike Stoops. Who could’ve known he was actually running all Big 12 defenses. Don’t worry, TCU’s offense will provide a soft landing…or at least it should.

3. West Virginia

Mountain Mama found out country roads in Iowa will take you home with a loss.

4. Iowa State

Destroyer of dreams. Oh, look, a freshman QB tearing it up. Also this

5. Texas Tech

Either stop playing defense or stop playing shitty offensive teams. You’re ruining all our “Texas Tech defense” jokes. And no…you are not a “normal” contender.

7. TCU

If things work out, you can have a showdown with OSU on Thanksgiving weekend for 9th place.

8. Kansas State

You’re welcome. Also, if you’re going to embarrass us, you better do it with Snyder wearing an old bowl game pullover. That shit on Saturday was unacceptable (this sentence has many potential applications).

9. Oklahoma State

You know how this is worse than 2014? Despite the criminal misuse of Tyreek Hill (maybe complete lack of use), the skill position talent being laid to waste in 2018 is mind-boggling. Also this.

10. Kansas

Of all the weeks for the Big 12 to have six teams on a bye week, you can’t be one of them? With only two games, one at noon Eastern and the other at 3:30pm Eastern, this week’s slate of Big 12 games should be over by 3:45pm Eastern on Saturday.