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Recruiting Q&A: Kamryn Farrar Talks OSU Commitment, Coach Duffie, and What he Likes about the Defense

Oklahoma State’s latest 2019 commit discusses the reason he switched his committment from Colorado to OSU

Kamryn Farrar (@Kam2cold1)

Oklahoma State added their most recent 2019 commitment, outside linebacker Karyn Farrrar, two weeks ago.

The 3-star from Skyline High in Dallas, Texas took some time to talk with us shortly after his commitment. We discussed why he switched his commitment from Colorado to Oklahoma State, what he likes about OSU’s new defense, and what he’s enjoying most about his senior season.

Phillip Slavin: How did it feel when you made your decision?

Kamryn Farrar: (Farrar, like Farrari without the I): “It was a positive response. I love the energy everyone was giving me. It was fun, I’m ready to help.”

PS: What led to you decommiting from Colorado and committing to Oklahoma State?

KF: :The problem with Colorado was, it was about my little brother, my mom, and me. Because my little brother, he’s a freshman this year, he’s a freshman in high school. I know next year he’ll be on Varsity. I knew my mom was going to be at all of his games and then try to come to all of my games. I knew that if I went to Colorado, and she went to go watch my brother play on Friday and then go try and watch me on Saturday it wouldn’t work out and she wouldn’t be able to watch me play.”

PS: What do you like most about OSU?

KF: “The coaching staff. They all accepted me with open arms, they treated me right. Every time, every visit, I just felt comfortable with them, ever since I first met ‘em.”

PS: Coach Duffie is your primary recruiter. What’s your relationship with him like?

KF: “We really close. We talk all the time. It’s not just about football, it’s about personal stuff. We real cool. We talk about my mom, family, football, school, everything basically.”

PS: What kind of advice is he giving you each week?

KF: “Keep doing what I’m doing, keep playing fast and I’ll be alright.”

PS: How will you fit into Oklahoma State’s new defense?

KF: “I think I fit perfectly in this scheme. If I’m not mistaken I’ll be at linebacker and doing a lot of blitzing. That fits me perfectly because I like to blitz, love to play linebacker, and love to run around and make plays. I watched the OSU - Boise State game. I loved all of the running around and blitzing.”

PS: Have you gotten to meet with Coach Gundy?

KF: “Yes sir. Actually, when we were there for my visit, my official, I actually ate at his house, his big old house. It was big.”

PS: What kind of vibe did you get from Gundy?

KF: “He is high energy. Funny, funny. He seemed like he really cared about me as an individual.”

PS: What are you enjoying most about your senior season?

KF: “It’s just fun. It’s like fun because it’s my last year, I’m excited. Football is easier because I’ve been playing varsity for the last three years. School work is not that bad. I’m getting school work done, keeping my grades up. It’s fun actually.”

PS: If there were one or two players on your team you’d love to bring with you to Oklahoma State next season, who would they be?

KF: “On defense my strong safety, his name’s Jordan Thompson. I love the way he plays. And my cornerback Dominic Shelman, and I love the way they play. Shelman actually was a receiver and now he’s playing cornerback so he knows how receivers think. And he looks good. He’s a big, tall, lanky corner. My safety, he’s tall too. I think they could fit in at Oklahoma State. We’ve actually talked about it.”

PS: Have you talked with any of the other 2019 commits?

KF: “Yeah they put me in the group chat with all the commits. I was talking to the d-tackle commit because we used to play little league together. And we was talking about that. We played for a little while together and I know him for sure.”

PS: What is one thing that you think Oklahoma State fans should know about you that they may not?

KF: “That I’m laid back. I don’t really do too much I just play football and stay out of the way.”