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PICKS FROM JOE’S: Week 9 Big 12 Power Poll

Is it time to go NSFW? Not yet, but we’re getting close.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

After what amounted to a “non” football weekend in the Big 12 I’m surprisingly more angry. Let’s get the waterfall flowing...

1. Texas

Vegas only giving you a 2.5 point window? Oh, if your starter was physically fit you’d get a 6-8 point window? That’s embarrassing for the #6 team in the nation playing the #9 team in the Big 12.

Vegas clearly doesn’t think you’re back.

2. Oklahoma

Your defense being back is no different than Texasss being back. Call us when you complete the mission against an offense with a heartbeat.

Also, this…

3. Iowa State

I’m moving you up so that Texas Tech has a shot at a quality win.

4. West Virginia

I changed my mind. You got lathered up by a team that lost to Iowa, from a state that does the stupidest shit possible for a presidential primary. Down you go.

5. Texas Tech

Your offense is lethal and your defense can finally be called a defense. Let’s see how that works out for you in the land where dreams go to die. Also, if you win, I fully expect you to accuse OSU of copying you if they beat Texas.

6. Baylor

Honestly, I wish your program would just go away. There’s nothing funny to say about it.

The rest of this is like arguing varying levels of staff infections…

7. TCU

Thank goodness you beat a team in the top half of the before they started playing their freshman QB and before you had this issue. Please don’t let Kansas out of the basement.

Also, this…(yes it’s a repeat, but it’s sooooooo funny)

8. Kansas State

Either your offense will do the infuriating shit it did against OSU or OU’s offense will make us wonder how bad OSU’s offense had to be to only score 12 points against you. Maybe both. Sounds like a lose-lose to me. Just have your QB stiff-arm an OU defender so I can record and tweet again and we’re good.

9. Oklahoma State

Throwback jerseys were a cool way to get us excited about Gundy doing the same stuff we’ve been doing for the last 4 weeks. Do fans think a new QB might pop up for homecoming?

I guess that would be a “no.”

10. Kansas

You obviously missed your chance against OSU, but you have ripe fruit in TCU, which means you’ll only lose by 14.