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High Noon Highlights: Texas players suspended for Saturday’s game

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State athletics.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon...

Texas to be without key players for first drive at least:

Burnt Orange Nation reported last night that the Longhorns will be without Kris Boyd Davante Davis and Lil Jordan Humphrey for the first drive of Saturday’s game. The suspension is due to a violation of team rules. Now, the report did say that the they will suspended for at least the first drive. This means that it could be longer. Herman did say that it was because they were late to a team function so I don’t expect the suspension to be longer than that.

Lindy Waters is using his platform to encourage Native American youth:

Oklahoma State Basketball Co-Captain Lindy Waters was featured as part of the Big 12’s “Champions for Life” series where they highlight players doing great things outside of sports. After being named Indian of the Year by the Intertribal Council he wants to use his position to encourage other Native American youth to pursue their dreams.

They posted this sneak peak picture yesterday of a video they’re filming that will be coming out later where Waters shares his journey.

Basketball teams visit houses during All Night Pomp:

The men’s and women’s basketball teams visited fraternity houses last night to spread some encouragement during All Night Pomp. They were giving out some free t-shirts. It’s awesome to see campus supporting each other.

Sam Ehilinger should be back to face Cowboys:

ESPN is reporting the Sam Ehilinger is set to return against the Cowboys after a shoulder injury took him out of the Baylor game. While coach Tom Herman said that they would know more on Tuesday as of this past Monday Herman said he’s recovering nicely.

“Sam’s progress is great,” Herman said Monday. “It’s another thing to let the ball rip and roar around the field during a practice. We’ll know more [Tuesday] when we put the pads on.”

Herman on Monday said Ehlinger threw the football 20 times Sunday, and the No. 6 Longhorns’ off week undoubtedly helped in his recovery. {ESPN}

Thirty years ago Barry Sanders accepted the Heisman in a way that may never happen again:

Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World wrote a fascinating story on the way that Barry Sanders would accept his Heisman from Tokyo, Japan 30 years ago. It’s such a unique circumstance that might not happen again. This is a must read for Oklahoma State fans.

By now, the video from that night — or morning, depending where you were — is iconic. Three quarterbacks — West Virginia’s Major Harris, UCLA’s Troy Aikman and Southern California’s Rodney Peete — sat side by side at the presentation. Sanders’ parents were also in New York for the presentation.

In a picture-in-picture box in the bottom right corner of the broadcast, Sanders sat by himself in a small room in front of a curtain. When Peter Lambos, president of the Downtown Athletic Club, announced him as the winner, Sanders’ eyes looked off the screen to his right. He clapped his hands. His mouth never opened to smile. He looked like any of us might look if we were forced awake at 4 a.m.