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High Noon Highlights(10/29): Homecoming and Hoops lets basketball players have some fun.

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon...

Homecoming and Hoops brings some basketball fun:

Cowboy greats make an appearance:

Mitchell Solomon, Bryant Reeves and Bryndon Manzer were in attendance at Homecoming and Hoops on Friday. Homecoming always bring an awesome crowd, and it always fun to see these Cowboy greats coming home.

Gundy comes out in a throwback of his own:

While everyone else was rocking the Barry Sanders throwback jerseys, Mike Gundy decided to come out for Homecoming and Hoops in a throwback “12” jersey, the number he wore when he played at OSU.

Boynton makes a entrance, takes part in dance battle:

Mike Boynton needs to run for mayor of Stillwater. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a basketball coach more.

With recruits presumably in the audience, Boynton could not have made himself seem cooler.

Taylor Cornelius is king for a day:

After Oklahoma State’s amazing win against Texas on Saturday Taylor Cornelius was caught in a sea of fans as they rushed the field. He went to the locker room after the win to change and came back out to more fans. Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World detailed the amazing night for Cornelius.

Finally, around 11:10, Cornelius got assistance wading through the crowd toward the tunnel.

He got away from the large horde of fans and began jogging off the field.

Then a woman shouted to him. “You can take one more.”

He stopped, quickly, for more photos. Then he left his home field for the penultimate time in his OSU career.

The win, somewhat unexpected, put Oklahoma State (5-3, 2-3 Big 12) back on track to make a bowl, at worst. The Cowboys should be favored to lock up bowl eligibility for the 13th consecutive season this Saturday at Baylor.

For Cornelius, it represents another test. With expectation of victory, Cornelius will try to string together back-to-back great performances.

ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Stillwater is a thing now

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy this internet gold: