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PICKS FROM JOE’S: Week 6 Big 12 Power Poll

It’s beginning to feel like we are all fodder for horse beasts and fuel for couch burners

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Gundy can’t stop me from saying stupid shit about Big 12 teams.

1. Oklahoma

I’m getting really tired of this. I should save this as a permanent entry and then just fill in below. Sort of like Kansas for basketball.

2. ‘Neers

Yes, I know West Virginia folks will go nuts because I didn’t use “Eers,” but everyone knows that when you say “Mountaineers” that the last syllable starts with an “n.” Go ahead. Say it. Nobody says “Mountain Ears.” Besides, mountains don’t have ears. If you want me to say it correctly, slay the dragon.

3. Texas

This is not a typo. Don’t worry boys, you’ll cough this one up soon enough. Stay focused on getting past the dreaded horse beast this weekend, which shouldn’t be a problem since you displayed all your offensive firepower by putting up 19 on the Purple Wizard.

4. Texas Tech

This is not another typo, although the injury bug could derail Kliff’s job-saving campaign. The Red Raiders held West Virginia under 50 points, so that means OSU’s 40 minutes of scoreless football two weeks ago wasn’t THAT bad. (FYI…html doesn’t support “sarcasm” font)

5. Oklahoma State

Just like their potential season record, this ranking has the potential for anything from 3 – 7. The Cowboys are currently on pace to run the most fly sweep motions in a season in the Big 12 without actually giving the ball to the motioning player.

6. TCU

Seriously, this team is better than you think. The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time after three consecutive brutally physical games (tOSU, Texas, Iowa St). Hosting Texas Tech on a Thursday night in Ft Worth will tell us a lot.

7. Baylor

Another team that, like the four above them, could potentially occupy any of these spots, although no one can ever take from them the warm place they occupy in all of our hearts. Oh, and also this.

8. Iowa State / KState / Kansas

These three teams suck. If you want credit for being the worst in the Big 12, you’ll need to lose more than you already have. This of course also means OSU could lose to two of them.