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High (After)Noon Highlights: Marcus Smart flies in Celtics game

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high (after)noon...

Marcus Smart takes flight in Celtics game:

In last nights Boston Celtics’ game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Marcus Smart had a massive dunk.

While the Celtics would ultimately end up losing the game 102-95, Smart had a fantastic game trying to get things going in the third quarter.

Mike Boynton starts using ShotTracker at Oklahoma State practices:

The O’Colly’s Jeremy Kolok had a fantastic article about a new software that Mike Boynton is using at Oklahoma State practices.

The new software, called ShotTracker, keeps track of players statistics during practice by a tag that goes in players’ shoes.

The product has some fantastic endorsements Kolok writes:

“the product of a Kansas City-based sports technology company that dons the same name and showcases endorsements from NBA legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson and former NBA commissioner David Stern on its website.”

Boyton says he thinks it will be helpful for his players:

“(The players) can, for themselves, see if they’re struggling in the left corner or looking really good from the top of the key,” Boynton said. “Here are some indicators on how I stay away from the short corner shots or improve them.”

Boynton also noted he can use the system to figure out where and how his team will likely get the the most opportunities to score at the most efficient rate possible, based on the data he sees from practices.

“It gives you a true measuring point, if you will, about who’s good where and which groups work the best together,” Boynton said. “We’ll use them in practice every day, and I’ll go back and be able to kind of do an analysis on what really practice was like based on what the shot tracker tells us.”

New Tape Doesn’t Lie podcast:

Adam Lunt and Michael Gift are back with another episode of Tape Doesn’t Lie. In this episode, the recap the Kansas game and preview the Iowa State game. This is a must listen podcast for Oklahoma State fans. They’re doing a fantastic job.

Non-Oklahoma State related bonus:

Jake Trotter wrote a hilarious piece about Mike Leach creating a fake game plan and leaving it for Texas to find.