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PICKS FROM JOE’S Week 10 Big 12 Power Poll

Forgive me for being a bit delusional this week.

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Don’t @ me. I’m allowed this indulgence.

1. Oklahoma State

Yes, I’m drunk on the orange kool-aid, if only for this week. Just remember that the difference between Waco and wacko is one letter.

2. Oklahoma


3. Texas

You lost to us so there’s no way you’re better than OU. Hopefully your DBs don’t miss any meetings this week. Oh, and make sure Hager doesn’t trash talk any more wide receivers without a bodyguard present...

4. Iowa State

Bet you’d like to revisit that TCU game. Be careful, the media has reported that Kansas is winning Big 12 games this season. Talk about fake news…

5. West Virginia

Have fun in Austin. I hear Texas is back, but recent evidence contradicts that conclusion.

6. Texas Tech

That’s ok, for this week you can count OSU as a quality win.

7. Baylor

You’re a trash program and I hope OSU absolutely beats the crap out of you next Saturday.

8. Kansas State

I’m still at a loss as to how we only scored 12 points against you. I think I’ll take to Twitter about it as Gundy appears to understand that I will lodge my complaints in that arena.

9. Kansas

Jayhawk faithful rushed the field simply because of a conference win. Don’t come at us for getting excited about beating the #6 team in the country. What’s the point if we can’t celebrate?

10. TCU

There’s never been a better example of the difference between the blue bloods and tier 1 programs. Blue bloods reload after every injury. Tier 1 teams gradually implode and lose to Kansas.

Except Texas. They figure out how to do it with talent, which is impressive in its own right.

(and Texas thinks we’re gonna forget about this…)