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Michael Weathers Expected To Be Available For OSU This Season

The Miami Ohio transfer will play for OSU this season despite being in legal trouble.

Michael Weathers Twitter

Michael Weathers is expected to be eligible for the entire 2018-19 season for Oklahoma State. The news comes after Weathers was suspended from the team back in September. The former Miami (OH) transfer was charged with felony grand larceny after stealing another OSU student’s wallet at J.R. Murphy’s bar in Stillwater.

Weathers will next appear in court on Monday, November 5th. Once the legal process is finished, Weathers will face disciplinary action from the team before rejoining the Cowboys this season.

The redshirt sophomore averaged 16.7 points per game as a Freshman at Miami and was named the MAC 2016-17 Freshman of the year. He will be a huge boost to a young and inexperienced Cowboys backcourt if he can stay out of trouble this season.