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High Noon Highlights(10\4): Mike Holder gets an interesting e-mail

Welcome to High Noon Highlights,a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Football: Missouri State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon...

College football fans voice off to Nike schools about Collin Kapernick:

Let’s just say that college fans didn’t take very kindly to Colin Kapernick’s campaign with Nike. As a result, they sent some athletic directors some interesting emails. USA today go a hold of some them and published an article about it. An email to none other that OSU’s Mike Holder was included in the article, but the person that sent the email had a different stance.

“I’m sure your inbox has been flooded with complaints about our athletic deal with Nike,” Snow wrote. “Remember, 17-18-year-old black men who want to play sports at Oklahoma State are not offended by the new ad. They’re pleased Nike is standing with them and their struggles; and with our Nike partnership, Oklahoma State stands with them too. It’s the recruits that matter, not the old white men sitting in the seats.”

That e-mail was notable enough for Holder to forward to school president Burns Hargis, senior vice president and general counsel Gary Clark and deputy director of athletics Chad Weiberg.

“As an ‘old white man sitting in the stands’ I am offended. (smiley face emoji),” Clark wrote back, clearly intended as a lighthearted response.

You can read the rest of the emails here:

How a Google search landed Mason Cox playing in the AFL:

We’ve been giving you updates on former OSU Basketball player Mason Cox for the past few weeks with his team, Collingwood F.C. making the Grand Finale. Well Sports Illustrated has another article and it’s fantastic. This details how an AFL found him, and how he decided to try out.

A 27-year-old from Highland Village, Texas, Cox will play for Melbourne team Collingwood against the Perth-based West Coast Eagles in a title game that will draw a crowd of 100,000 to the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. But Cox had never even heard of Australian Rules football four years ago.

“I had to Google it,” said Cox of his reaction when an Australian Rules scout hunting for college basketball cast-offs contacted Oklahoma State to see if he was interested in a trial. “The first thing that came up was ‘The Biggest Fights in AFL History’ or something like that. It was a bunch of fights and people getting knocked out. I thought, Looks pretty fun, I might give this a go.”

New 10-12 Podcast:

Our own Phillip Slavin has a new episode of the 10-12 podcast! He’s got some awesome guests this week. Listen here:

That’s all for today folks! Have a great afternoon.