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Three Things For OSU To Improve On Against Baylor

How does OSU keep their momentum rolling after the big win against Texas? Here are three things for OSU to improve on against Baylor.

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

THE OFFENSIVE LINE WILL NOT BE LEADING OFF THIS POST! It wasn’t a perfect game from the boys up front, but overall they played much better than in previous weeks and gave this team a chance for an upset. The Cowboys will play a much improved Baylor team this weekend. Here are three things OSU needs to improve on to become bowl eligible this weekend.

1. Limiting the Big Play

Take a look at the Texas drive chart and you’ll see two different types of drives. There were the drives that lasted six plays or less and ended in a punt, and then there were the drives Texas scored on. Aside from their last touchdown drive of the game, Texas’ longest drive ending in a touchdown was just eight plays long. The Oklahoma State defense played well for most of the game, but when they didn’t play well, Texas scored quickly.

2. Matt Amendola

The field goal kicker almost cost OSU their upset bid against Texas. If the last minute-and-a-half of the game goes differently we might be talking about how two missed field goals from Amendola cost OSU the game. Amendola connected from 24 yards out early in the game in what ended up being the difference on the scoreboard, however, he missed from 38 and 41 yards out later in the game.

Amendola shot 33.3% from three on Saturday, which is good for basketball, but not an inspiring performance on the football field. Basketball season is still a few days away, Matt. He will have a great opportunity to bounce back against Baylor and continue what has been a pretty good season so far.

3. Justice Hill

Maybe defenses pay more attention to him than to Chuba, but Hubbard had 80 yards on 9 carries. Hill had just 12 more rushing yards on 14 more carries. Either way, Justice Hill is dangerous in space, and the offense should be doing everything they can to create space for him. I know this comes down to the offensive line, but they played well for the most part last week, so I’ll give them a break.