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Staff Predictions: West Virginia

Our staff tries to predict what’s going to happen in today’s game.

West Virginia v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Our staff got together to give our predictions in an important game for the Pokes. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

Phillip Slavin: WVU 45 - OSU 31. Oklahoma State has looked better since the bye week so I expect a solid performance. That said, the way to stop WVU is to take away the run game and make Will Grier play hero ball. OSU can’t stop the run.

Secondly, OSU held themselves to just five penalties for 31 yards. The Cowboys’ have yet to play back-to-back games with under 7 penalties. I don’t think they do it this week either.

Robert Whetsell:After the tough Bedlam loss, and given how good our offense looked against a HORRIFICALLY BAD OU defense, I’m predicting the laying of an egg against a team that is on a mission to get to their showdown with OU, not to mention West Virginia actually fields a competent defense.

We will manage to keep at least ONE streak alive...the Mountaineers never scoring more than 32 points in a win.

WVU 31

OSU 17

Grant Boston:You know what? I’m going to pick an upset. It happened against Texas. It should have happened against Oklahoma. Oklahoma State has Justice Hill, Tyron Johnson, an improving Cornelius, and the best wide receiver in the country, Tylan Wallace. Oklahoma State: 35, West Virginia: 31.

Ryan Harris: West Virginia: 48 Oklahoma State: 40

West Virginia has had an issue with starting games slow this season. They were shut out at home in the first quarter last weekend against TCU. If Oklahoma State wants to win this game, they need to go into halftime with a substantial lead, and then do just enough to hold on in the second half. Sound familiar? That’s how they beat Texas at home a few weeks ago. West Virginia has a lot on the line here so I think they’ll get up for this game, but I expect Oklahoma State to keep it close.