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Oklahoma State Bowl Projections: Liberty Most Popular Prediction

Where is almost a consensus. Against who, not so much.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time all season, we can finally start looking at where Oklahoma State is projected to go bowling. I’m a believer in not counting your chickens before they’re hatched, so doing this when it seemed like OSU might never reach six wins felt like testing fate.

But, after Oklahoma State took down West Virginia in their home finale, the Cowboys have officially begun bowl eligible and we can start looking at where all the prognosticators project the Cowboys to spend their Christmas break.


Cheeze It Bowl vs. Cal
Liberty Bowl vs. Texas A&M


Liberty Bowl vs. South Carolina


Liberty Bowl vs. Auburn


Texas Bowl vs. Auburn

Sports Illustrated

Liberty Bowl vs. Missouri

At this point, the most popular landing spot is the Liberty Bowl in Memphis against an SEC squad. Who that opponent would be is a crap shoot as just about every projection has a different team listed. Everyone from former Big 12 foes Texas A&M and Missouri to South Carolina and Auburn.

Personally, since I live two hours from Memphis, I’m all for a trip East for a match-up against an SEC opponent.

I do think that projection is based on the belief that OSU beats TCU this coming Saturday. If they don’t there could be as many as three six-win Big 12 teams ahead of the Cowboys in pecking order due to tie-breakers, including TCU.