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PICKS FROM JOE’S Week 13 Power Poll

How goofy and cannibalistic is the Big 12?

If only Kansas could be this cool...
Saturday Down South

Only four teams will finish with winning records in conference play, and three of those lost games to teams with losing records in conference play. One of them lost to a team that lost to…Kansas. All four got their defenses lathered up by a team that only scored 12 points against Kansas State and 17 points against Texas Tech.

1. Oklahoma

Big, HUGE game next week against a team Iowa State and Oklahoma State beat. Win and and a chance to redeem your loss to Texas awaits. Lose and you’ll be just like everyone else, spectating a game between two teams Oklahoma State beat.

Also, Kansas put up 40 on your defense. Mike Stoops reaction?

How shall we rank the rest?

· Texas lost to Oklahoma State and West Virginia, but beat Iowa State and Oklahoma. FYI...try not to shit down your pant leg this week, although we would all REALLY enjoy watching that.

· Iowa State lost to Oklahoma, TCU, and Texas, but beat Oklahoma State and West Virginia.

· West Virginia beat Texas, but lost to Iowa State and Oklahoma State. Still have to play OU.

· Oklahoma State beat Texas and West Virginia, but lost to Oklahoma and Iowa State…and Baylor…and Texas Tech…and Kansas State…

But congrats on being the team nobody wants to play right now.

· TCU gets a bit of a pass because of the avalanche of injuries and still has a chance at bowl eligibility if they can beat Oklahoma State in Ft Worth on Senior Day. They did manage to beat Iowa State early on before losing to….

*NOTE*…credit to the person who took the time to put together the least used GIF in the history of GIFdom.

As for the rest, ya’ll suck. Only OSU and TCU have wins over any of the top four teams in the league.

· Texas Tech is one collapsed lung from being Texas Tech.

· Baylor really needs to be kicked out of the Big 12.

· I think Kansas State has finally killed the Purple Wizard.

But when it’s all said and done, there’s one indestructible constant…

10. Kansas

You beat the Horned Frogs and scored 40 against Oklahoma, which would be quite the accomplishments if TCU had more than five healthy scholarship players and the Sooners actually fielded a defense.

On another note, let’s hope this recent development doesn’t make the Charlie Weis fleecing look like petty larceny…