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High Noon Highlights(11/30): Gunnar Gundy leading Stillwater High to State Championship

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

It’s high noon...

Gunnar Gundy could be the next great quarterback in the family:

Tonight, Gunnar Gundy and the Stillwater High School Pioneers will take on Bixby for the 6A State Championship. Ahead of the game, the Oklahoman’s Jacob Unruh sat down with Gunnar and his dad, Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy, at Thai Cafe in Stillwater to discuss what this games means to the two of them.

“That’s a pretty cool deal for that to happen,” Mike Gundy said. “I guess every father would dream of something like that happening for their son.

“Seeing him develop and grow as a young man and a leader has been what I’ve watched and enjoyed most over the last two years.” {The Oklahoman}

The junior has the opportunity tonight to win his school’s first title since 1967. His father won the title with Midwest City in 1985.

Cam McGriff talks mindsets as reason for success this season:

Cam McGriff has taken 7 of the Cowboy’s 10 charges this season. He talks to Orange Power Studies about why the Cowboys have has so much success in that area this year.

“I try to play every game like it’s my last you know,” McGriff said. “Try to bring energy amongst all 13 guys on the court whether it’s a charge or a dive on a loose ball...I take a lot of pride in that whether it’s a block shot or a charge.”

You love hearing stuff like this from your veteran guys.

Garth Brooks has a great time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

Let it been known that Garth Brooks was quoted as saying “Four of the best years of my life at Oklahoma State University.”