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Update: Michael Weathers allowed to return to team practices

It was reported last week Weathers would be available after court proceedings finished.

Mitchell Alcala

Per multiple sources, Michael Weathers felony grand larceny charge has been dropped down to a misdemeanor of concealing stolen property.

It was reported last week that Weathers would be available to play this season once court proceedings finished. He will still be suspended by the team, but there has been no inclination of how long that suspension could be.

Update (11/08):

Thursday afternoon, Michael Weathers tweeted out a note of apology to his family, teammates, fans as well as the woman whose wallet was stolen.

“Two months ago I made a terrible decision,” Weathers said. “And I sincerely want to apologize to the person who most directly suffered because of my actions.”

Head coach Mike Boynton tweeted later regarding his decision to bring Weathers back onto the team.

“With the legal process now complete, Michael will be allowed to return to practice, and will begin the process of regaining the trust of his teammates and coaches as it relates to the returning to games.”

While we still don't know exactly when Weathers will play in a game, we now know he will begin to practice again.