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Roundtable: Bedlam Edition

Get ready for this one folks

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

1.) AJ Green had a horrible game in Waco last week, do you expect to see an improvement from him this week?

Grant Boston: Please watch the ball rather than the receiver, AJ. If you don’t, you’ll always get beat on those high-point type jump balls. Green has made some big plays for Oklahoma State -- like those big endzone interceptions against Texas Tech in 2018 and Iowa State in 2017 -- but he seems more suited for free safety than corner sometimes. I don’t know if we will see much of a turnaround in just one week’s time.

Robert Whetsell:If you define improvement as getting torched, then yes, he will improve this week.

Joel Penfield: He played up to great competition against Texas a couple weeks ago, I’d hope it would be the same here in Bedlam. He followed up the best game of his career with his worst, so even if he’s marginally better it will be an improvement.

Zach McCoy: Coverage-wise it wasn’t actually a bad game (Tape Doesn’t Lie). He had another phantom PI called on him and one actual PI, then the 2 face masks. So yes, I expect him to clean up his performance on tackling, but I think he continues to be a good corner in coverage.

Matt Harris:I think you can only see an improvement. A couple of pass interference calls and giving up the game winning touchdown is a rough week. I think AJ Green will bounce back this week. He played phenomenally against a good group of Texas wide receivers a week before and he’ll be motivated after a bad showing against Baylor. He’ll likely struggle at times because OU also has a good group at wideout and a Heisman candidate quarterback, but I think he improves from his performance against Baylor.

2.) Mike Gundy said in his press conference that it’s hard to put on spy on Kyler Murray because you’d be sacrificing else where. Would you rather make that sacrifice or not have a spy on Murray?

Grant Boston: Who on the defense can run fast enough to keep up with him? I’m not trying to be facetious, I’m genuinely asking. Might as well drop an extra defender back in zone coverage and hope the defensive line can keep him in the pocket.

Robert Whetsell:Chuba Hubbard for “Kyler Murray spy.”

Joel Penfield: OU has so many talented players on that side of the ball I don’t think it’s going to matter too much. If you keep Murray in the pocket he’ll pick you apart, and if he runs chances are it’s going to be a big gain. It’s really a pick your poison type of thing with Murray.

Zach McCoy: I agree that you have to have an athlete that can keep up with him. I think Bundage would be able to if he’s 100%, but you lose his aggressiveness on the edge. Maybe that’s not bad when you’d probably rather contain Kyler.

Matt Harris: I would rather make that sacrifice. This Oklahoma State defense has been excellent all season in getting pressure on the quarterback and leads the nation in sacks. However, they’ve never seen a quarterback as quick and mobile as Murray is. When the pocket collapses, he’ll be able to escape and potentially break off long runs. I’d rather use a spy and contain Murray, at least early on. If the Pokes get beat deep too many times then I think you drop the spy.

3.) Penalties seem to be a huge problem for this team. Do you think they’ll step up in a big game and play cleaner like they did against Texas?

Grant Boston: This is an area where I’m optimistic. This team plays up to the competition, although 3-4 holding calls are inevitable if Yurcich tries to make Corndog through as many needless first half passes as he did last week.

Robert Whetsell: Seem to be? That’s rich. Even Big 12 refs have had their hands full.

Joel Penfield: Penalties have been a massive issue this season. It’s jarring to go from the least penalized team Gundy has had (last year), to now being the most penalized team of the the Gundy era. If Oklahoma State can play a clean game, they will have somewhat of a chance.

Zach McCoy: Maybe it gets marginally better, but Texas was the outlier unfortunately this year.

Matt Harris:This season has been so up and down that I have really no clue what to expect. OSU generally tends to play up to better opponents so I think its entirely possible that they play a cleaner game, but last week was horrendous. Oklahoma State out-gained Baylor by over 100 yards on offense, but also gave up over 100 yards in penalties. I think that it will be a cleaner game from a penalty standpoint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I think it’ll be a clean game. Cleaner, but not clean.

4.) What would you guess as on the amount of yardage Kyler Murray puts up on us? (On the ground and in the air.)

Grant Boston: 335 in the air, 55 yards on the ground.

Robert Whetsell: He’s putting up at least 4 bills, I’m guessing 3 and 1, and it will all be infuriating.

Joel Penfield: If I had to guess he’ll have over 300 yards passing and over 100 yards rushing. Oklahoma State has had issues with running quarterback in recent years, and this is probably the best one that they will face. I don’t see this game going well at all.

Zach McCoy: 350 in the air, 80 on the ground.

Matt Harris: I think Kyler gets 325 through the air and 75 on the ground for 400 total.

5.) Score predicton?

Grant Boston: Oklahoma 48, Oklahoma State 24. Let’s hope I’m as wrong as I was trying to guess the score of the Texas game.

Robert Whetsell:I’m guessing OSU isn’t smart enough to do their best Army impression, so OU gets at least 12 possessions in this game, and they’ll score on at least eight of those, mostly TDs.

OU 56

OSU 17

Joel Penfield: OU 55, OSU 24. Another year of pain for the Pokes...

Zach McCoy: OSU 35 – OU 49; OU still has a bad defense, so Cowboys keep it close enough to break our hearts again when OU pulls away late.

Matt Harris:People love to draw the parallels to 2014, but this isn’t 2014. Sooners roll 49-24.