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High Noon Highlights(12/12): Basketball team spreads some holiday cheer

Welcome to High Noon Highlight, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

NCAA Basketball: Austin Peay at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon....

Basketball team gets in the spirit of giving:

The Cowboy Basketball coaches went on a special shopping trip yesterday. They shopped till they dropped for Oklahoma foster children. They took to he aisles of the local Walmart and filled their baskets with things other than basketballs. Outfits for infants and other toys were on their list. Mike Boynton told the Stillwater Newspress...

To be honest, this is what life’s about,”Boynton said. “Being a part of your community and being able to contribute to people who might not have it as good as you do. I remember being one of these little kids who one day wake up in the morning not expecting anything and knowing what the feeling of of someone thinking of them feels like.”

Thanks the Oklahoma State coaches, these children will have something to look forward to Christmas morning.

“I hope that they just know that people love them and care about them, and even though their life might not be exactly as good as someone else that they know, that they still have a chance,” Boynton said. “And that they know there are still really good people in this world that lookout for one another. This is a special community … a special state that’s really close because of the people who are looking out for each other.”

AJ Green makes PFF”s list for most broken passes:

Cowboys cornerback AJ Green made Pro Football Focus’ list for most passes broken up this season with a 28 percent incompletion rate. That’s good for fourth on the list.

Gundy lands on top quotes of 2018 list by ESPN:

If you know Gundy, you know if there’s anything he’s good for it’s a quality soundbite. ESPN put a few of them on their list of top quotes of 2018.

Here’s a few that made the list:

“They don’t want to be out in the heat working. They’d rather be inside watching TV or playing Fortnite.”

Of course this made the list..

And last but not least...

“I don’t give a s--- what” the players think about going for the 2-point conversion and it was his call.”

That’s all for today folks, enjoy your afternoon!